100 leg raises a day results

Leg raises

There are different results and benefits in the leg raises exercises as it all depends on the time that you give to the exercises and the weights that you lift. Everybody has different goals and workout according to their goals. Leg raises exercises to have a lot of benefits for strengthening the muscles and losing fat from the lower body. It is important to make sure that you are performing this exercise slowly as you cannot put all the bodyweight at once by doing an intense workout. The quality and efforts matter more in leg raising exercises than the time. Here are some benefits that you can have from doing 100 leg raises every day.

1.Leg raises helps in improving flexibility.

Leg raises

Doing leg raises every day will improve the flexibility of your body because it involves a lot of joint movements in the lower body. It helps in stretching your muscles properly without feeling any strain and pain. The most crucial part is that with the flexibility, it also improves the posture of the lower body because of the daily stretching of muscles that take place.

2.It involves low risk of back injuries.


Back support is the most overlooked problem while concentrating on the workout schedule. Doing the leg raises every day also improves the abdominal area movements and gives better support to the back, which helps you in lifting heavier weight without any back injuries.

3.The leg raises strengthens the core muscles of the body.


leg raises

Doing leg raises everyday helps in strengthening the lower abdomen muscles and make it stronger. It also helps in burning fat from the lower body and toning it up a little. It is essential to be consistent because it will help you in giving faster results and strengthening the core muscles of your body. The movement of the lower abdomen gets better because of this workout as it makes the muscles stronger.

4.It helps in burning fat and calories faster in the body.

burning fat

Leg lifting exercises involve intense workout and lifting of weights which helps in putting more pressure on the muscles and also results in burning calories faster as compared with other exercises. It helps you in burning 60-70 calories every 10 minutes of leg lifting exercise that you do. It also helps in giving a proper form to your lower body and toning the muscles properly. The workout helps in burning belly fat faster as it has a lot of movements in the lower part of the body.

5.Leg lifting exercises provide grip strength to your body.

leg raises

When you are doing the leg exercises, you are also improving the grip of your body because of the support you use to perform this exercise. It involves holding the weight of your entire body while performing the workout, which strengthens your grip and improves the balance of your body.

6.It improves hip flexors.


Leg raising exercises help in improving the hip flexors by toning it up. It involves a lot of hip movements which helps in improving the hip joint movements and tone it up.

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