Month: February 2020

3 Day military dietDiet Plans

3 Day military diet

 As the name suggests, Military diet is a three-day diet which helps in losing weight quickly with a particular diet
Gluten-free diet benefitsDiet Plans

Gluten-free diet benefits

The gluten-free diet is usually suggested to the people who have a low tolerance for gluten and have celiac disease.
Crossfit vs GymFitness Tips

Crossfit vs Gym

Are you reevaluating your workout routine and wondering if you should do Crossfit or gym? Choosing between Crossfit and gym
100 leg raises a day resultsFitness Tips

100 leg raises a day results

There are different results and benefits in the leg raises exercises as it all depends on the time that you
Is shredded Wheat good for you?Food & Drinks

Is shredded Wheat good for you?

Cereals and Wheat are essential for the part of the nutrition plan as they give us a lot of proper
Intermittent fastingDiet Plans

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an energy restriction fasting which only allows you to consume food during a specific time period. There