3 Day military diet

Military diet

 As the name suggests, Military diet is a three-day diet which helps in losing weight quickly with a particular diet plan which has fewer calories. With this diet plan, it is easy to lose 10 pounds in a week easily if followed strictly. The diet has all the food which has fewer calories and combines all the products in such a way that it boosts up the body metabolism and burns up the fat. There is a very restricted list of food products that can be consumed during this time.

It is essential to consume three meals a day without munching any snacks in between the meals. The idea is to consume as few calories as it is possible to lose weight in three days. It is said that whenever a person diets and loses weight, it’s usually water weight, but in this type of dieting a person can lose fat weight quickly by just following the diet correctly.


There are several advantages and disadvantages of the military diet:

Benefits of military diet :


1 Quick weight loss:

military diet

The military diet as it sounds is a strict form of dieting which allows you to consume only restricted food products and helps you in losing calories in three days. There is a planned dieting routine for this as it needs to be followed strictly if a person wants to lose weight quickly in 3 days.


2 Healthy diet plan:

diet plan

The military dieting is known as a very healthy dieting form because it involves all the healthy food products and helps the person in losing weight faster.


3 More metabolism in the body:

military diet

The military diet helps in increasing the metabolism in the body and improving it to function more effectively.


4 It is not expensive:


eating healthy

The military diet is not as expensive as the other diets and can be easily done by anyone. It has all the affordable food products, and it is easy for people to follow.


Disadvantages of the military diet:

1 Contains low-quality food products:

military diet

Even if it is a healthy form of dieting it can also include low quality food products in the dieting plan like hotdogs and much more.


2 No scientific reason:

healthy diet

There is no scientific reason for why this diet should be followed, but as it is effective, so people just follow it to lose weight quickly.


3 It can increase laziness:


The diet makes people very lazy because of the low-calorie intake for three days continuously. It increases the chances of fatigue ness and laziness in a person.


This type of dieting plan is not a long term effective plan as it only has immediate and quick results which can go off quickly. It is very natural to consume more calories after the diet ends and gain weight quickly. It is imperative to consult a doctor before starting this diet because it is not ideal for people who have diabetes or women who are pregnant.

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