30-day ab challenge

This is a challenge designed for beginners to the ones who are on intermediates level for a
30-day ab challenge. This post will demonstrate all the effective exercises that will target
your whole body core and strengthen it.

Here is all about the 30-day ab challenge that you need to know:
First, we will discuss why core strength is essential:

A strong core and muscles are essential if you want to look good, and it is also helpful for the
strength of your abdomen and long-term health. A strong core will also help in reducing the
chances of getting any injury and will also improve balance overall. It is always necessary to
have a stronger core because it will help you stabilize and hold your body together.

Some facts about six-pack abs:

30-day ab challenge

You need to have a healthy and active life if you want six-pack abs. You can achieve it by
doing the 30-day ab challenge.

Fact 1: Not everyone can picture the six-pack abs:

It might be a surprise for you, but genetics has a big role to play when it comes to having six-
pack abs. Some people have larger splits in their abs, making them work less or harder
towards getting the six-pack abs.

Fact 2: It is easier for men to have six-pack abs:

Women have a higher percentage of body fat than men, and then the fat is mostly found in
the abdominal area for childbirth and pregnancy. Both genders can have six-pack abs, but it
is just easier for men to have it because of the low body fat percentage.

Fact 3: Diet plays a huge role:

People need to understand that if you want six-pack abs, then the diet will play a major role
in that. You have to have a strict diet in order to burn body fat and get the abs that you need.

30-day ab challenge workouts:

Day 1: Crunches:

You need to perform 20 reps by focusing on lifting your chest straight up to the ceiling, and
you can keep your hands across your chest to make it easier for you. It would be best if you
stopped doing this exercise once you feel that your abdominal muscles are engaged.

Day 2: Tabletop crunches:

To get successful in a 30-day ab challenge, you need to perform 20 reps on the second day
by lifting your knees up at a 90-degree angle.

Day 3: Twisted crunches:

Make sure to get your obliques involved with the elbow-knee twisted crunches. It would help
if you took your right arm out straight to the side and put your left behind your head while
putting the right food on your left knee. Then you have to perform 20 reps on your left side
and switch to the right side after that.

Day 4: Prayer crunches:

It would help if you started with performing 20 reps with your arms straight out with your
hands together. Then crunch forward and keep your hands below the knees if you move
straight forward towards the opposite wall.

Day 5: Toe tap crunches:

30-day ab challenge

This one concentrates on your lower abs as you have to crunch up to meet your knees and
then lower your feet slowly on the ground. Keep experimenting with the angle of your knees
till you feel the burn in your lower abs.

Day 6: Rope climbers:

Perform 20 reps by lifting your legs towards the ceiling and then keeping them as straight as
possible. Reach with each hand towards your feet as if you are climbing the rope, and do at
least 20 reps of this exercise with both hands.

Day 7: Oblique crunches:

Make your knees fall straight for this exercise and then crunch straight towards the ceiling.
You need to perform 20 reps on both sides, and it will become easier for you in some days.

Day 8: Side crunches:

You need to fire up your obliques by reaching your pinky to your pinky toe on each side and
then perform 20 reps on both sides.

Day 9: Back extensions:

You need to keep your toes on the ground and keep your shoulder blades pinched while the
muscles are flexed. The hands will hover off the ground while you lift your torso by involving
your lower back muscles in this exercise.

Day 10: High plank:

You need to spread your weight in your fingertips and decrease the load from your wrists.
Then you need to engage your shoulder muscles and push your hands towards the edge of
the mat.

Day 11: Rocking plank:

It is a new variation of the normal plank position, and it will help in increasing your core by
helping in the 30-day ab challenge. You need to keep your glutes squeezed, and your back
should be flat. Then you need to start rocking back and forth on your toes. Do this
for 30 seconds.

Day 12: Plank hip dips:

You need to come in the plank position and then keep dipping your hip on both sides in

Day 13: Spiderman planks:

You need to be in a plank position and then keep bringing your knees outside of your elbow
on each side after one rep.

Day 14: Bird dog high planks:

It is a balance position as you indeed go high in your plank position. It would be best if you
kept lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time, then switch to the other side of the

Day 15: Side plank:

30-day ab challenge

Do a side plank by raising your hand and leg higher on that side, holding it for 15 seconds,
and then turning on the other side.

Day 16: Side plank dips:

Turn on the side plank position and then keep dipping your hips downwards on that side and
then switch the side.

Day 17: Down dog knee pulls:

Lift one leg in the yoga pose and then the downward-facing dog. Bring the lifted leg towards
your nose and bend your head to see if it can touch.

Day 18: Plank shoulder taps:

To get successful in your 30-day ab challenge, you need to do 20 reps of shoulder taps with
both hands. Tap each hand with the opposite shoulder and activate your core to minimize
the twisting of your hips. Make sure your back is flat, and your butt is down.

Day 19: Leg lift presses:

Keep your hands on the sides and under your hips, then lift your legs into a traditional leg lift.
You need to pause to remove the momentum. Then bring your legs down but do not touch
the floor.

Day 20: Superman kicks:

It is essential to have a strong back for a strong core. It would help if you lifted both arms
and legs from the floor while laying your stomach on the ground and then do flutter kicks.

Day 21: Seated drumming:

You need to keep your legs in a seated position and then lean backward so that you can
engage in the core. Start with drumming your abs and hold this for 30 seconds.

Day 22: Bicycle crunches:

First, start the exercise by laying on your bag and then bringing the opposite elbow to your
opposite knee. Do this exercise for 20 reps.

Day 23: Leg extensions:

Keep your left leg straight up extended, and then target the lower ab muscles by pulling the
leg close towards the ground. Do this rep 20 times.

Day 24: Flutter kicks:

Lie down on your back or keep it a little lifted with the help of your elbows and then start
fluttering your legs.

Day 25: Straight leg bicycles:

30-day ab challenge

You need to keep your hands on the temple and then bring your right arm to your left knee.
Keep changing sides and do this exercise.

Day 26: Criss-crosses:

Turn over, or you can lie on your back by lifting your elbows a bit. Start with crossing one leg
above another and then keep your legs and feet lifted. You can also modify this exercise
according to your comfort.

Day 27: Side banana:

Balance on the side of your legs and arms extended. Then you need to stay in balance.

Day 28: Windshield wipers:

Keep both your arms on the side to your legs lifted and then slowly bring them from one side
to another. You can stop this for about 45 degrees. Keep your shoulders to the ground while
doing this exercise.

Day 29: Bicycle claps:

It is similar to the bicycle crunch, and you need to lift one leg and engage your core. Keep
clapping under the right and left legs as you count your reps.

Day 30: V-ups:

Target the lower ab development in this exercise and bring your body to a V position when
you are lying down on your back. Do this exercise for a while, and then you will get the hand
of the momentum.

To get successful with the 30-day ab challenge, you need to do this exercise in order to
stay fit and bring up the strength.

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