30 days fitness challenge for beginners

30 days fitness challenge for beginners

It is vital to have a fitness routine and follow it every day. Every person needs some sort of motivation to push them towards working out and staying fit, especially the beginners. The easiest thing to do before starting is choosing your fitness routine as that will give you the motivation to move forward. It’s very easy to gain weight but to maintain is a lot of hard work. Before getting into any fitness challenge, you should get your doctor’s clearance on the exercises that you will do so that it doesn’t negatively impact your body.

Week 1

Day 1

fitness challenge

Start your fitness challenge with the basic exercise, which is known as Cardio and do it for a good 20 minutes. Start with warming up and then keep increasing your speed accordingly.

Day 2

fitness challenge

On your second day do 1 set of 15 reps of these nine exercises which are listed below, and you can take rests in between the exercises accordingly.

1 Assisted Lunges

2 Overhead presses

3 Back extensions

4 Ball squats

5 Crunches on the ball

6 Dumbbell rows

7 Modified pushups

8 Tricep extensions

9 Bicep curls

Day 3

fitness challenge

Start your day 3 with first 20 minutes cardio and ten lower body stretching workouts.

Day 4

Do each yoga pass which is listed below for a few minutes

1 Spine twist

2 Sun salutation

3 Modified triangle

4 Warrior 1

5 Standing cat stretch

6 Warrior 2

7 Hanging back stretch

8 Corpse pose

Day 5

30 days

You have to repeat the same exercises that you did on day 2 with more efficiency and effort now.

Day 6

Do the same cardio fitness exercise and monitor your efficiency today so that you can keep increasing it in the upcoming weeks.

Week 2

You will follow the same routine as last week, but there will be a few changes like you will increase 5 minutes in your cardio exercise to increase the time and build body endurance more.

You’ll start doing two sets of each training exercise instead of one set.

Week 3


The third week will be a more intense workout with more increase in time. Instead of working out for 20-25 minutes, you will push your workout time until 30 minutes to increase the intensity of body endurance. The weights in different exercises will be more substantial as compared to the first two weeks, and you will start increasing the time for each set that you are doing.

Week 4

Perform the fourth week with more intensity and keep working out for more periods without the intervals in between. The timings will remain the same for each exercise but keep increasing the sets in each training workout that you are performing. Throughout the weeks, the efforts will increase, and the intensity of your exercises will also become more. Start lifting heavy weights slowly and with every passing week as it will help in building your intensity and efficiency of the workouts.



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