5 Butt-Lifting Exercises To Sculpt Your Glutes

Want a booty like Jennifer Lopez and thinking about strengthening and lifting your derriere?  Well, there is good news. There are many versatile butt-lifting exercises that you can do to sculpt your glutes. Building muscles on your glutes will give your butt a lifted look. Toning your derriere with workout will not only give you a lifted butt, there is actually many health benefits like alleviating lower back and joint pain. Such exercises are important especially if you have been sitting at your desk job for long periods of time.

Another way to give your buttock a lift instantly is to wear wholesale shapewear. This undergarment is a fast solution to get the plump derriere that will look great in any outfits. 

If you prefer strength training, ahead are 5 butt lifting exercises that you can try to sweat it out.

Donkey Kick


Get on all fours on top of your mat with your hands stacked under shoulders and knees under hips. Ensure that your back is flat and tuck your chin slightly. Keep your right knee bent at 90 degree and slowly lift your leg straight back up. Return to the starting position and repeat, then switch legs. Put on the body shaper buttock lifter when doing this exercise.  Its high waist offers figure firming to the tummy, rear and thighs.

Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep the arms at your side with palms down. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the ground. Hold your bridge position for a few seconds and lower down.

Single Leg Deadlift



Single leg deadlift is a hip hinge movement. To do this, stand on your left leg with right palm facing towards your thighs. Then extend your left arm to the side for balance while keeping the left leg slightly bent. Keep your left leg slightly bent. Extend the right leg straight behind you while leaning forward, until your torso is parallel to the floor, and your hand is almost touching the floor. Then pull your left leg forward while keeping it straight.  Next, lift your torso up until you are in a standing position. Repeat all reps on one side and switch legs. You may want to wear this high-waist lace butt enhancer panty underneath your workout clothes. It feels great against the skin and nothing jiggles when you wear it.  The seams and curves are flattering. Its hip fold design increases the volume of the derriere.

Squat Pulse



Squat pulse builds muscle, strength, power and overall body coordination.  It is not only a good exercise, it is also a good fat-burning tool. To do this workout, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Clasp your hands in front of your chest. Inhale through the nose and keep your core tight. Push the hips back and lower your hips into a squat position. Pulse the body up and down. Wear this sheer mesh seamless body shaper that slims, shapes and contour the body in all the right places. This shaper allows more flexibility and comfort while exercising.

Bird Dog

Kneel on all fours with wrists and under shoulders and knees under the hips. Then raise your left arm in front of you and right leg behind to form a straight line from left hand to right foot. Hold this position for a second, then return to start. 

As mentioned earlier, shapewear such as the butt lifter above can be worn to complement your workout. They are like push-up bras for your derriere. Check out more butt lifters that are trending now at Lover-Beauty.com.

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