Adrienne Bailon’s weight loss journey


Adrienne Bailon is a famous American television host, actress and singer. She has been a  former member of The Cheetah Girls and the girl groups 3LW. The actress lost a lot of weight during the coronavirus pandemic. She opened up about her weight loss journey during the pandemic and shared how important it was for her to stay healthy. She claimed that eating and staying healthy was her priority through the coronavirus time. She posted a picture in a black bikini where she shared her thoughts about how important it is to love yourself the way you are and that there is nothing more significant than self-love. Here is everything you need to know about Adrienne Bailon’s weight loss journey: 


As they say, it takes around 21 days to form a new habit, so it is essential to take time to develop healthy habits like drinking water, reading, praying, taking your vitamins, squatting, eating the veggies, exercising or doing something that you love. Make sure that you start something you love doing in the month and form a habit out of it to add to your routine. There is nothing better than loving yourself and taking care of yourself the most. Adrienne Bailon lost around 20 pounds by following her healthy diet and doing essential exercises. She understood that there was no point in complaining about things, and it was essential to start working on the new habits that she wanted. Share started making major changes in her life with food and working out, which changed her outlook. She kept reminding herself that it is essential to have self-love and self-discipline at all times. 


The actress is also motivating her fans to do the same and always make sure they give themselves the love they deserve. During covid times, people realised that health is their greatest gift, which is why taking care of it through the ups and downs of life is essential. The actress also wrote on her Instagram that it’s a new month so let’s start doing something new for ourselves and encouraged her followers to work out, drink water, read and do things they like. Her new look fascinated a lot of fans, and they started congratulating her in the comments section. Many fans wrote that she looks great, and the transformation is amazing. There were a few fans who were inspired by the new transformation and wanted to work on themselves, just like the actress. 



In December, Bailon also shared a video on the YouTube channel about her weight loss journey. She spoke about how she lost 20 pounds and made self-love her priority. She spoke about how she wants to be healthy and go on a diet to have a healthy lifestyle. The singer also shared how it wasn’t just a body transformation but a soul, mind and physical transformation. Adrienne Bailon used to eat greens, blueberries, avocado, and oatmeal to lose weight. She used to put these spreads on the Ezekial bread or the rice cakes. She also used to have protein shakes during her breakfast. Her lunches usually involved salads that had green veggies. Later in the evening, she used to snack on popcorn or nuts. For dinner, the actress used to have soup with healthy and steamed veggies. 


Adrienne Bailon’s weight loss journey wasn’t just about losing weight and putting it out there but more about feeling good from within and having healthy habits. She also used to drink plenty of water throughout the day. She told her followers how she used to drink hot water with lemon to fight against her cravings. There were times when she used to skip having dinner out somewhere to avoid all the junk food. She was also about to shoot something new, so she knew she needed to have good stamina and lose weight. She was focused on her goal and wanted her performance to look good. While going through her weight loss journey, she did not realise that she had lost weight until she tried on a few costumes. It was a proud moment for the singer, and she was very moved. In order to lose weight and have healthy habits, it is essential to eliminate all the junk food and fix a sleep schedule. You have to be consistent to have the body transformation you are waiting for, and it also requires patience. 

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