Best couple yoga poses

Couple yoga poses

Yoga is an effective and excellent form of exercise that helps you relax and de-stress by finding your inner calmness. It also helps in stretching and lengthening your muscles which is good for flexibility. You can do a solo yoga session, and it will help you improve your body postures, but it is always fun doing it with your company.

You can also do a couple of yoga because it is fun and helps build communication and trust. You can learn a couple of yoga poses from beginner level to advanced level, and it will help you out in bonding with your partner and taking care of your health.

You should always know that such methods only work if you are comfortable and want to do it with all the willingness. If you feel any pain after doing these yoga poses, then make sure to seek professional help and do not continue.

It’s time to grab a mat, partner, and water bottle:

You always need to do a warm-up session before starting any exercise. Warming up your muscles is an essential step before exercising because you should never stretch your cold muscles as it will cause injuries. You do not need to follow anything during the warm-up session as you can do anything to warm your body up for like 10 minutes. You can jog, jump, kick or do something to get the blood pumping in your body.

Here are some easy yoga poses for two people at beginners or advanced level:

Couple yoga poses A couple of yoga poses for beginners:

● Partner forward fold:

The benefits of this yoga pose are that it helps you to stretch without putting in much effort. To do this couple yoga pose, you need to sit opposite your partner with your legs wide apart and then strengthen it out in front of you.

Place your feet against your partners and then hold each other’s forearms. Then one of you will start hinging forward slowly from the hips while the other will keep pulling you gently towards them.

You have to do this multiple times till you feel the deep stretch in your hamstrings and then hold the pose for a few minutes. Slowly try to back up and swap with the other person. Now the 2nd person will follow the same process and hold the pose.

● Seated cat-cow:


It is one of the most influential couple yoga poses, which is an excellent stretch for your hips and core as it will help open up the chest. You need to sit in a cross-legged position for this yoga pose and then hold the other person’s arms.

After this step, you need to find an equal resistance between you and your partner both and then keep drawing your shoulders back and down. Make sure to inhale and slowly lift your head while pushing out your chest.

It is like a cow pose in a sitting position, and you need to hold this pose for a few minutes to stretch your muscles properly. You need to look towards your belly button and then keep stretching your shoulder blades. You have to be in sync for this pose with your partner.

● Twin trees:


It will help in improving the balance and posture of your body. For this couple yoga pose, you need to stand next to each other with the shoulder to shoulder and feet around the hip-width apart. You have to put your inside leg on the floor and spread your toes by holding your weight on foot.

You have to start lifting your leg slowly by bending at the knee and place the foot against the inside of your thigh. Ensure that you and your partner do not put your foot against the knee as it will put pressure on the joint.

You can hold each other together with your arms. It will help you in improving the balance and posture with your partner.

● Chair pose:


The chair pose helps in strengthening the quads and also improves your posture. You have to stand back to back with your partners, and the fit should be hip-width apart from each other. Then slowly walk out of your feet and lean on your partner for the back support.

You can also interlace or hold your partner’s arms in order to feel comfortable or stay stable. The next thing you need to make sure is that you both are communicating properly because this is important. Then slowly squat down till you reach a stage of chair pose.

You will need to adjust your feet a little but keep pushing against each other’s back. Hold this pose for a while and then repeat it a few times.

● Temple:


A great one that will open up your shoulders and chest. You have to face each other in a hip-width apart position, then extend your arms overhead and inhale. Gently hinge forward till you can meet your partner’s hands.

You both will slowly start to fold forward after being in this position and bring your elbows, forearms, and handsbagainst your partner. Make sure to rest equal weight on each other and then slowly walk towards each other in the same position but keep releasing your arms down.

Yoga poses for intermediate level:

● Double plank:


A couple of yoga pose which is easier than the others and improves the focus and strength of the core. One partner will start doing a regular plank, and the other partner will place their hand and then the top of their feet on their shoulder.

You can also change and modify the pose according to your comfort. Both the partners will be in the plank position, which will help you improve your core and stretching.

● Chair and shoulder stand:


Stretches the shoulders, opens the hips, and also improves balance. Your partner needs to start this pose in a chair position, and then you have to push into a shoulder stand while your partner one will place their feet on your thighs. Then you have to hold this position for a few seconds and release it.

● Square pose:


It helps in opening up the shoulders and improving the lower back problems. You have to start the couple yoga pose in the same position as the plank one, but then the base partner will sit up and raise their arms above their head. The top partner will bend at the hip so that both of them can create a square position and hold that for a while.

● Extended leg pose:


Improves the balance and posture plus develops trust between your partner and you. The first stand facing each other at a legs away length. Then raise your right leg to your partner’s left hip, and then your partner will raise their right leg to your left hip while keeping your knees straight.

Take hold of this position, and you can also place the leg on your partner’s shoulders.

A couple of yoga poses for advanced levels:

Couple yoga poses

● Wheel:


It helps in flexibility in the hips and shoulders. You need to do a little gymnastics for this couple of yoga poses. One partner has to lie down on their stomach in a cobra kind of position, and the second partner will either lay on their back while the base partner will reach and hold their ankles, or the top partner can bend down their arms and take hold off their partners ankles. It is a challenging position, but it helps in improving flexibility in the most effective manner.

● Flying superman:


It will stretch and strengthen your chest, shoulders, legs, abs, arms, and lower back muscles. The base person has to lie down on their back and place the sole of their feet on their partner’s abdomen.

You can hold hands while coming into this position because that will help you in balancing your partner in a better way. Then you have to lift your partner and let go of each other’s hands. It is a classic superman pose that will benefit you and your partner.

● Flying bow:


The lower body benefits from this pose as it helps strengthen the muscles and release tension. You can achieve these couple yoga poses by the flying superman pose. When you are in a flying Superman pose, the base person will hold the top person by providing support, and the top person will bend one leg and reach their ankle.

The partners have to do the same from the back to form a bow pose. It helps in holding each other’s hand, which will improve the balance.

● Flying handstand scorpion:


It will help you in building your arm strength and opening up your chest. Partner 1 will lie on their back and place their feet sole on the lower back area of the partner. Then partner two will slowly start raising their arms above their head and arch to their back while putting their hands on the first partner’s abdomen.

The top person has their legs in a flying position which they will start benign into a scorpion position and hold the pose for a while.

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