Bike phone mount review for VUP

VUP bike phone mount

There were days when using a mobile phone while cycling or riding a bike wasn’t safe because back during those times, people had to stop to check their notifications or receive the calls they were getting. Things have changed a lot these days with the new upcoming technology.

There are various apps available that can be accessed while cycling, and other than these, the best alternatives are bike phone mounts. You can play your favorite songs, make a call, use your favorite apps and check the notifications.

One such thing that allows you to do this is the VUP bike phone mount. VUP has this wide range of running and cycling accessories that will help you do your workout or exercise durations much more fun and a lot easier. You will find various kinds of backpacks, armbands, and other products to help you with their outstanding features.

The VUP bike phone mount has a lot to offer, and here are some features that you can go through:


● Compatibility:

The VUP bike phone mount is compatible with all kinds of phones, and it also fits well with it. No matter whichever phone model you have, you can fit it inside the phone mound, and it will be compatible;e with the size and screen.

● The unique yet versatile design:

The product has unique and versatile designs which allow the customer to choose according to their likes. It helps you in enjoying the mobile features because of the fantastic technique it has. The best part is that the holder doesn’t block the back camera, so if you feel like shooting videos or pictures, then you can do it with your phone being in the holder. You can tighten your mobile phone in the holder, and then it will stay intact on the handle.

● Durable body:

As the VUP bike phone mount has a silicone body, it makes sure to protect your phone from shocks or vibrations, which also makes it durable. The four corners make sure to safeguard your phone and secure it from getting damaged in the first place. The durability of the body stays for a longer time and makes it worth the purchase.

● 360-degree rotation:


VUP bike phone mount


Another advantage is the 360-degree rotation adjustment that it allows you to do, which also helps you enjoy the features in a hands-free mode.

● Installation:

The installation takes hardly a few minutes and isn’t very time-consuming. You need to make sure that it is secured from all sides and is tight because it will hold your phone much more firmly.

● Colour:

The product is available in black color, so it doesn’t matter what your mobile phone’s color is as it will match well with it.

Verdict on the product:

If you want to have safe bike rides while playing your favorite music, we would suggest you try the VUP bike phone mount because it is worth the price and keeps the device safe from any vibrations, dust, or jerks.

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