We Bet! These costliest restaurants will drop your jaws seeing their prices

Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world

While some of us are pleased with the small local restaurants, there are some of us who once in a while want to indulge in the fine dining experience in fancy restaurants.

The populations of discerning foodies have encouraged some of the most expensive restaurants around the globe. These restaurants are luxurious but their exotic locations, celebrity chefs, made them even fancier affair.

These over the top places offer much more than food; they offer you once in a lifetime dining experience. Most of these restaurants have drawn attention because they have been awarded Michelin stars.

While some would agree that these features that make these places more stirring, but for the populace with a modest budget, it is a disappointment as these sites become less accessible for them.

Here is the list of top 10 costliest restaurants in the world:


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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Described by the head chef PacoRancero “Radically Different”, is the world’s most expensive restaurant. It is located on the island and is known for partying rather than its Michelin-starred chefs.

This restaurant provides an incontestable party experience. Situated in the Hard Rock Hotel, it allows only 12 clientele at a time; that’s what makes it seriously exclusive. The 20-course meal ‘Gastro-sensory’ will be worth every penny and you won’t regret paying $2000 for it.


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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This striking restaurant was awarded the most beautiful restaurants in the word in 2014 by The New York Daily. Sitting five-meter below the Indian ocean, this restaurant gives a 180-degree view of the coral garden.

Starting from no less than $320 per person, they give you European cuisine in the six-course meal in the dinner set.

Drinks and tips are not included in that. Children are not allowed at dinners, as they request a “smart” dress code. This place offers a truly mesmerizing dining experience with its ambiance and mouth-watering exotic dishes, but it comes with a price tag of $500 per person when you make a simple choice.


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There is no surprise that this restaurant makes the list as it is the possession of the award-winning chef and restaurateur Alan Ducasse. Decorated with crystal chandeliers, bronze, and marbles overlooking the Jardin des Tuliries.

You can enjoy three specialties and different types of cheese and desserts for $520. And if someone wants drinks too, add the couple of hundred dollars in that too.


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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It was ranked the most expensive restaurant in the world in 2006. Located at the end of the hallway of an office building in Shinbashi, it seats only 22 people at a time.

It is known for the best Kobe beef in the world. The price of your meal not including drinks will cost you around $340 per person, but with the experience, it offers it is worth that much.


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This restaurant has been part of the succession of legendary chefs for the past 40 years. It of late received 3 Michelin stars. It offers a “sensory experience”.

The restaurant has been praised by both professional rankers and by customers. Earning 19/20 in the French Restaurant Guide Guilt Millau, the chef Benoit Violier was awarded chef of the year in Switzerland. It would cost you about $415 for a set of meals.


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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One of the most famous chefs is Gordon Ramsay. You may know him from the TV shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ or “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare.” Gordon’s restaurant in Chelsea, Gordon Ramsay has 3 Michelin stars in his name. Their season special primary will cost you about $320, of course, their prices go higher than this.


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Another extraordinary possession of Alan Ducasse is the Beige situated at the top of the Chanel building in Tokyo. Ducasse’s revenue was about $15 million in the year 2013 and is sure to have increased from then.

It offers French dishes prepared with Japanese ingredients. You can have a three-course or four-course meal for $147 or $190 in that order.


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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Located at the center of Bois De Boulogne park in France is Le Pre Catelan restaurants. Dinner starts at $85 and the desserts at $43, but the specials here start at $130.

You can enjoy a seven-course meal here at $225 including all taxes and services. There is a summer bargain meal that starts at $199 only.


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As its website explains the cuisine, there harmonizes the French spirit with Japanese culture.  The restaurant has been serving kaiseki Japanese styled dishes since 1981. A simple eight-course meal will cost you about $162, and a fancier version of this meal would cost you $270 including taxes, but you must order five days beforehand. The place also offers private rooms for a specialized dining experience.


Top 10 costliest restaurants in the world
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Masa is not only about the food, but it is also about the experience. It is positioned at the Time Warner Central in New York. There is no exact set of the menu; the chef recommends the customers to wear something comfortable as it serves a three-hour multi-cuisine meal.

The patrons come they are seated and served with dishes freshly made out of the kitchen. But the food would cost you about $350, not including drinks and the taxes. Drinks range from $400 to $1500.

Above was the list of the world’s top 10 costliest restaurants. They give you the best dining experience you could ever get. These places are worth every penny that they cost.

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