Delicious and Refreshing Homemade Watermelon Sports Drink

homemade sports drinks

If you are looking for a completely natural and homemade sports drink, try this delicious recipe. This recipe for homemade sports drink of watermelon is refreshing, energetic, and will help you retain your energy for a run or for a workout session this summer. The drink has the right ingredients fulfilling your body’s carbs and electrolytes needs for an instant boost of energy.

Why drink a homemade sports drink?

homemade sports drinks

There are tons of terrific sports drinks available in the market then why to go for the recipe for a homemade sports drink? The commercial drinks contain preservatives, added flavors, and chemical sweeteners. Many of us do not wish to take consume these things.

By making a homemade sports drink, the ingredients are in your control and you can choose them with your preference. You can also keep your consumption under consideration as per your diet plan. This is why a homemade sports drink comes handy without any preservatives.

Follow this recipe for homemade sports drink of watermelon.

The recipe is completely made of natural products that will refresh your body and fill it up with energy. The best part about it is the recipe is super easy.


  • Coldwater
  • Watermelon (as per your servings)
  • Lime
  • Depending on the type of your workout, you can choose one of these sweeteners. Brown rice syrup/ maple syrup/ honey/ sugar.
  • Salt

Take all the ingredients in a jar, mix them up and shake. Pour some ice and it is ready. It was as simple and is ready in mere seconds. If it is a hot day, the ice will keep the drink and your both cool for longer.

Why go for a watermelon sports drink?

natural drinks

In the summer heat, what is a better way to relish your favorite fruit? Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit you can snack all day on. Watermelon is an all water-based fruit and naturally hydrates your body. The fruit is also a terrific addition to your homemade sports drink.

Watermelon is filled with an amino acid called L-citrulline. Amino acids help our body in the production of natural protein that helps in recovering the muscles from bread down. This means with the consumption of the drink, your body will be able to recover from any injury faster. 

In 2017’s Journal of Food & Nutrition Research, a study on runners of a marathon was published. The runners were divided into two groups. One group drank placebo drink prior and the other group of runners drank L-citrulline rich watermelon juice. After the race, it was found that runners of the watermelon drink group had less sore muscles in comparison. 

homemade sports drinks

In another study carried out in Nutrients, it was found that the watermelon pulp gives the same amount of energy boost to the body as a sports drink wood.

Several cyclists were taken under a study. They all rode 75kms of track the same way with a commercial sports drink and with watermelon drink. However, pure watermelon puree is not suggested.

If mixed up with a couple of other ingredients, the watermelon drink works just like a commercial drink with chemicals would. With other ingredients, there will be no lack of sodium in the drink that could have been in the puree otherwise.

What electrolytes are present in the drink?

natural drinks

This drink has natural electrolytes. Sodium comes out from the added salt in the drink that makes the drink a little tangy in taste. Potassium is readily present in watermelon already.

When you exercise, with sweat, and calories, your body also losses a large amount of sodium. This drink replaces the required sodium in your body after the workout.

Our body also loses potassium in small amounts during the workout. Athletes and runners do not have to worry about the same as this drink or just an afterward meal can fix the lost potassium amount in the body.

It is the electrolyte that generates concerns as people do not get enough of it every day in their meals. Runners taking long races and ultra races suffer from the lack of most and one great way to get the required amount is by sipping this fabulous homemade sports drink.

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