Eight fatty foods with incredible health benefits

fatty foods


We have always heard that fat food is not good for the body, but the fact is that limited fatty
foods are good for cholesterol and health. There are many healthy fatty foods which are good
for the body overall. People have started consuming these fatty foods in their meals in order to
consume the nutrition that these food products have. There are good fatty foods which should
be consumed by everyone. The eight fatty foods with their health benefits are listed below:

1 Avocados:

fatty foods

Avocados have 23 grams of fats, but it also has 40 percent of healthy and beneficial fibres in
them. It is a good lutein source for the body and is sodium-free. Avocados help in strengthening
your vision and making them better. Avocados are the powerhouse for nutrients and are also
good for health. Avocados help people in losing weight and their belly fat.

2 Whole eggs:

fatty foods with health benefits

There are a lot of people who say that whole eggs have a lot of fats in them, but the truth is that
the whole egg is full of vitamins and minerals in them. The entire eggs have every nutrient which
a person needs to for a healthy body. It is also a weight-loss food and helps in protecting the

3 Coconuts:

fatty foods

Coconut has 90% of fatty acids in them, but the fats in coconut are different than the fats in
other food products. The people who consume coconuts have perfect health, and it also helps in
burning body fat. The fatty acids in coconut are different, which is metabolized differently in the
body and makes people feel full.

4 Cheese:

health benefits

Cheese can be consumed in different dishes and in different ways. It has a lot of proteins and
fats, which helps in making a person feel full. It is easy to mix it with salads or make a dip out of
it and consume it.

5 Nuts:

health benefits

Nuts are the powerhouse of all the nutrients, and it helps in making the body healthy overall. It
helps in better eyesight and heart functioning. It is easy to consume a handful of nuts in one day
for better health.

6 Yoghurt:

fatty foods

The full-fat yoghurt is very healthy for the body as it helps in the better working of the digestive
system. Yoghurt can also help in overcoming obesity and fighting heart diseases. The yoghurt
has probiotic bacterias which help in improving overall health.

7 Fish:

health benefits

There are fishes like trouts, herrings, salmons and much more which are packed with nutrients.
These nutrients are healthy for the overall body and heart. It has omega- 3 fatty acids which
help in fighting against the diseases and reducing the risk of diseases as well.

8 Dark chocolate:

fatty foods

Dark chocolate is full of fats, but it also has a lot of nutrients which are good for the body and
skin. It is said that dark chocolate helps in improving the skin and also helps in enhancing brain
functioning. The antioxidants present in dark chocolate helps in lowering the blood pressure.

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