10 food that causes sleeplessness

Food that causes sleeplessness

Sleeplessness is something that many people complain of. However, there can be numerous reasons behind sleeplessness.

Most people tend to complain about the hectic work schedule, while some people just find themselves to be helpless while sleeping at night.

To your surprise, the food that you consume also tends to make you suffer from what is known as insomnia. So below we mention the list of 10 such food which you should avoid consuming before sleep.

1. Ice Cream

Food that causes sleeplessness
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This is something that everybody wants to have as a dessert after a meal. However, it has been found that consuming food with a high value of sugar actually results in sleeplessness and is known to cause nightmares among people.

But this is something that would happen after you get to sleep, and this is something that won’t come sooner in case you start consuming ice cream before sleep.

The sugar rush caused tends to keep your energy level very high while at the same time it would be converted into harmful fats and would be lying in your body leading to an increase of weight.


2. Celery

Food that causes sleeplessness
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While in reality, this is something very good for your health, however, it is known to possess Diuretic properties. Not sure what that is? It means it is a class of food that is known to stimulate the sensation of peeing.

This means that this food tends to push water through your stomach and hence brings about more frequent urination. So, although it is something that you can have during the day, it is not such a good option to consume during night time as it will cause sleeplessness.


3. Pasta

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Now, this is something that people or let’s says children love to consume. This is something that is very easy to make and serves as food that you can eat anytime you are feeling hungry.

However, it is advised not to consume this before going to sleep, the reason being its high glycemic index. This means that this food will begin to affect your blood sugar levels as soon as you go to sleep.

Change in sugar levels has been known to keep you awake at night and hence would cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Also, this food is known to contain numerous sorts of oil as well as a heavy cream which you should stay far from.


4. Pizza

Food that causes sleeplessness
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Don’t look at us with anger. We aren’t trying to ruin one of the most in-demand foods of yours. However, a regular pizza tends to cause havoc on your digestive system if you consume it right before going to sleep.

The tomato sauce which is used in the making pizza is known to contain high acidity levels which would either cause heartburn or sleeplessness at night. You would get highly nutritious toppings in the market; however, we don’t wish to spoil this amazing food for you.


5. Candy Bars



Similar to the ice creams people prefer consuming candy bars to have something sweet. However, this again in a way similar to ice creams causes a sugar rush in the body which results in numerous nightmares and sleeplessness.

High sugar levels have been known to affect the wavelength of the brain which as a result tends to give us nightmares. So in case you are okay with getting up in the middle of the night with a sudden nightmare, then we would suggest that you should go for it.


6. Cereal

Food that causes sleeplessness
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Most of us tend to munch in a handful of cereals taking it as a midnight snack. However, it is not healthy. Mind it we aren’t talking about all cereals, but we are talking about some of them.

High amounts of carbs present in these cereals have been known to act heavily upon your blood sugar levels and hence are known to cause sleeplessness. In case you really need to consume some then we would suggest a low carb diet with low levels of sugar.


7. Garlic

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This is one food that is known to possess a number of health advantages. However, you should try and consume this vegetable during the morning hours as this hot herb is known to give heartburns or acidity levels may rise.

You can even wind up with a problem such as constipation or diarrhea and consequently, you will suffer from sleeplessness.


8. Dark Chocolate

Food that causes sleeplessness
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Similar to ice creams as well as candies, dark chocolates are also known to be one of the food items which are known to cause sleeplessness.

However, these are known to be filled with chemicals that would help in keeping the levels of your energy high and thereby causing restlessness as well as in certain cases insomnia. In case you have very much of a craving for chocolates then try consuming white or milk chocolates.


9. Alcohol

Source: health.harvard


Most people would have told you that alcohol tends to cause blackouts and would also result in a deep sound sleep. However, this fact is just a myth. The sleep or blackouts that it causes are temporary, and you would wake up during odd hours in the middle of the night.

Or if you consume alcohol before going to sleep then you would be able to sleep only until the time this booze is working, once the effect wears out, you would be awake.


10. Red Meat

food that causes sleeplessness
Source: diabetes.co


It might be a tough choice for some as red meat is known to contain iron as well as compounds that induce sleep. However, it also contains high levels of proteins that your body would have to digest all through the night.

Therefore instead you dealing with sleeplessness all night try not to consume this meat in heavy amounts or if possible consume it during the time of day.

So these were the list of food items that might cause sleeplessness or might wake you in the middle of the night.

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