Foods for muscle growth: What should be an ideal diet plan?

diet for muscle gain

Diet does not refer to starving. A proper diet should be maintained to stay fit and healthy and build your muscles. There is a variety of foods for muscle gain. Amongst many dietary habits, a specific diet plan goes apt with particular body types. You should have an ideal diet plan to add strength to your muscles. The foods for muscle growth are of utmost importance for the regular working of your body.

Diet forms an essential part of your life. If you have a healthy mind and body, you can conquer the world. But to achieve a perfect muscular physique, you need to give your attention to the diet for muscle gain. Here are some directions for what food you can have to build your muscles well.

Always drink warm water in empty stomach every morning to start your day. This helps to drain the toxins deposited inside your body and also helps to enhance your metabolism. Then you need to break your whole day meals into six small meals.

The diet chart

diet for muscle gain

In the breakfast, you can opt for any fruit like the grapefruit, plain oatmeal, which is artificially sweetened with stevia and flavored with cinnamon. You should include high protein but no fat. So, you can have an egg white omelet with boiled chicken and boiled vegetables with low or no salt.

Next comes the snacking midday food. For this, a simple smoothie can make you full. You can take a cup of skimmed almond milk, add one scoop of protein powder and some crushed almonds. This recipe is rich in protein and low on fat. Since protein helps to build muscles, this shake is bliss to your body.

diet for muscle gain

Now arrives at the main meal of the day which is lunch. The lunch should contain all the essential components of food in measured and balanced quantities. The menu for muscle growth in lunch is very yummy yet healthy. You can start with a fruit starter. Whole grain cereals like brown rice should be taken in small quantity followed by grilled chicken and colorful veggies dressed with virgin olive oil.

In the fourth meal, you can have berries and Greek yogurt combo. This meal is smaller so that it is easier for you to metabolize the whole food.

Last but not least, here comes the dinner or the night meal. With the passing time of the day, the meals should keep decreasing in quantity. Hence, in the dinner, you can have a vegetable salad of different seasonal vegetables, one baked regular potato or sweet potato, and baked salmon fillet or steak. You can include serving pineapple.

diet for muscle gain

Do not worry about late-night craving for food. You have an excellent solution to that as well. You can happily have simple protein smoothie like that you had in the morning snacks. Along with that, a salmon fillet or steak with one or two cakes of plain rice with a creamy protein butter would be tasty.

Essential things to keep in mind when eating a diet for muscle gain:

  • Your body should not be stuffed with excessive protein because your body can absorb only 20 grams of the total protein that you consume during one meal.
  • To build muscle, it is required to eat some excess calories than you burn. This is because the little amount of extra calories is responsible for retaining the turgidity in the muscles. This extra calorie does not add fat to your body so, it is reasonable and not to be bothered about.
  • There is a twist in the story. If you are doing everything to increase your muscle, but it is not visible, then you need to lose some extra calories than adding up. Unless your fat dissolves, the muscle will not show.
  • You need to concentrate on the nutrition that you are receiving because if you do not add nutrient protein to your body, the muscles will not grow.

The finishing notes

diet for muscle gain

To build muscles, diet for muscle gain is of immense importance. It is not for body show only but also your wellbeing. Your body should be treated as a temple and the muscles as its sculpture. So, head towards a protein diet and develop great muscles. 

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