Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss

Gabriel Iglesias is a famous comedian and actor who is also known as Fluffy. He is known for his famous dialogue, which is I am not fat, I am Fluffy and hot. He has been on the news every time, and he has always been super confident about his looks. His weight loss journey has been very inspiring for the fans, and people actually want to do things to lose weight. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey gives a lot of things to work on and lose weight with the sort of motivation a person gets.

When he went to the doctor to consult about his health, the doctor said that you have only two years to live. He had a lot of problems like he was high on sug levels and his blood pressure also wasn't normal. After listening to all his reports, even the comedian broke down and couldn’t handle it because he was worried about himself. The doctor spoke about all his problems and possible complications that he can have on that one single call, which made him worry about his future.

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss:

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss

Listening about health issues is one of the most worrisome things, and that& when you realize that it’s high time to take care of your health. Gabriel Iglesias got his wake-up call after talking to his doctor and decided to take care of his health. He started getting a swollen leg because of the bad circulation in his body. He also has diabetes, so he spoke about how the disease is ruining his health. There were times when he used to get black legs because of the bad circulation of blood that he had in his body.

Due to all these underlying issues, his skin used to peel off and crack on the insides of the legs. There were parts on his body that used to bleed a lot and create problems for him. His kidney was also getting worse as all these issues were affecting his kidney too. Gabriel
Iglesias’s weight loss journey became intense because his life was getting messed up at that point, and he understood how important it was for him to lose weight at that time. After knowing all of this, Gabriel Iglesias decided to start a new journey that will be beneficial for his health, so he invited one of his friends over to start the same routine with him to support each other and lose weight.

More than losing weight, it was also important to take care of health. The benefit of partnering up with his friend was also that he got full support, and they could keep records about each other in case anything went wrong. His friend, who is known as Martin, supported him a lot throughout his journey, and they both made sure to keep each other motivated at all times because, during such times, it’s the support from a closed one that you need the most. Martin helped him throughout the process of keeping a record of what they were eating and the exercises that they used to do.

Martin was nothing but a fantastic friend to him throughout the process, which is a very rare thing. they made sure to help each other at every point and be there for each other at all times. Not just that, but they used to make sure to motivate each other so that they are able to move forward together. To keep each other motivated at all times and on track, they also used to keep track of the exercises and always went to the gym together. However, they used to work out alone because they thought that everyone has their own way of working out and burning calories.

Martin believes in picking up weights and exercising, but Gabriel Iglesias is not comfortable with that because he feels sad, so he does cardio because that is something he is happy to do. Gabriel always exercises, and he never gave up because he knew that working hard would help him change his health and help him become fit. He made sure to eat healthy food daily and not skip exercising daily. Many people don’t understand that losing weight is a long process, and you do not just lose weight overnight, so you have to be consistent and work hard towards your goals to lose weight. He changed his lifestyle and made sure to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to change the flaws in his health. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey was a motivational journey because of all the people who supported him and helped him throughout the process. It was also successful because he made sure to fulfill his tasks and achieve the goal that he had for himself.

Gabriel Iglesias& girlfriend also helped him in changing his food habits so that he could follow a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Not just the food, but she also started inviting Gabriel to her workout sessions so that he could exercise with her. She always tried her best
to motivate her boyfriend and make sure that he is doing something to lose weight and take care of his health. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey was a tough one because there were times when he used to break down at times and feel sad as he was going through a lot of things at the same time.

There was a time during his weight loss journey when he just wanted to give up, but then he told himself that if he leaves this right now, then he will be gone forever, so he needs to work on this to lose weight and live a healthy life. While everything was hurting the comedian, he made sure to stay strong for the end result. He stayed very
cautious and kept his eating habits restricted so that he can lose weight faster.

Here are some tips that you can follow to lose weight:

Get more active:

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss

You cannot sit in one place and lose weight, and that why it is important to keep moving your body and stay active. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn, so it is important to keep exercising and doing cardio in order to lose weight. Exercising can help you in losing weight and burning calories, which cannot happen otherwise. Exercising is the most important thing because it helps you in losing calories, and it also keeps your body fit and healthy, which is important.

Control the carb intake:

It is imperative to control the carb intake and the calories you are consuming because that contributes to weight loss. Make sure to eat food products that have fewer calories and more proteins. If you are following a diet, stick to it to help you lose weight and reach your goal.

Control the portion size:

It is imperative to take care of the portion size because overeating can lead to many problems. Monitoring the portion size and the type of food you are eating is very important, so at all times, you have to make sure to check on the portion size before overeating. Eating in between the intervals can lead to weight and obesity, which is why it is important to take care of portion control.

Get Quality Sleep:

Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey also gives a significant point when it comes to losing weight, which is sleeping getting quality sleep. Poor sleep is one of the reasons for gaining weight, so it is essential to have quality sleep because it will help you lose weight, but it will also keep you fresh at all times, which is important in the situation.

Drink water and keep yourself hydrated: It is also important to understand the importance of drinking enough water to keep the body hydrated at all times. When you follow a particular diet or schedule, it is important to ensure that the body is getting enough liquids to keep the energy level high and the health on point. Water keeps the body hydrated, and it also helps the person in losing weight.

Be on a healthy diet:

At all times, it is essential to follow a healthy diet because that will help you build the overall health of your body. There are various benefits of following a healthy diet, and it helps you in getting the long-term effects that you desire in order to lose weight and maintaining the body. Everything becomes a lot easier after starting a healthy diet.


Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey has been very motivational for a lot of fans, and the actor believes that weight loss is not a quick process because it takes time to reach the goal that you have. You just have to keep going and working on your goals without any fail.

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