Gordon Ramsay weight loss

Gordon Ramsay

Losing weight is never easy, and a person has to go through various stages to do that. Similarly, Gordon Ramsay did a lot of hard work to lose weight and save his marriage. Gordon Ramsay is the famous British chef who has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total and has a hold for seven currently. He is very famous for his work and the food that he has made till now. It takes a lot of effort to reach such a great stage and achieve so much in life, but besides that, there was a time Gordon Ramsay was struggling with his weight.

He says that his wife was a source of inspiration and motivation for him as she is a fitness freak, and her husband’s weight wasn’t making her happy.

Gordon Ramsay once said that it was hard for him to believe that Tana was even staying with him because he looked like a fat sack back then. He further said that Tana looked gorgeous and fit, but she still stayed around when I looked like that. Gordon Ramsay was 18 stone overweight, which is like 250 pounds.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay is married to Tana for the last 20 years with four beautiful kids, and while he was overweight, he also won his third Michelin star, but despite all the achievements, his self-esteem was dropping down because of his weight. He was going through a hard time believing in himself because of his weight.

He said that whenever he used to look at himself in the mirror, he used to face the reality of his weight. He never felt upset on the trips with David Beckham and his family because they all have the perfect figure while he was struggling with his overweight issues.

Gordon Ramsay
After a point, Gordon Ramsay decided to get in the perfect shape and work hard to lose the extra weight. He didn’t want his industry to make him an unhealthy chef, so he started doing super-fit seriously with his trainer Will Usher who used to make him workout very seriously.

The famous chef lost 56 pounds after all the hard work that he did, and his wife inspired and supported him to do so. The chef also claimed that he doesn’t want to die at a young age because of fitness problems, so he took his weight seriously and worked towards it.

weight loss
The chef started eating small and regular meals, which helped him in losing weight faster. Eating small meals helps in avoiding the calorie intake in bulk, which further helps in maintaining the weight. It is imperative to take care of the diet schedule while taking care of the workout sessions because both of them go hand in hand. It isn’t very easy to take out time for exercising while having such a busy schedule at work, but Gordon Ramsay made it a point to work for his fitness and work together. It is an inspiration to see him lose weight and become fit like he is right now.

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