Gross feet problem: Types and their solutions

Gross feet problems

There are various body issues that a person can face, and one of the common issues that people face is gross foot problems. It can arise in different forms, and there is just not only one solution for it as you have to really take care of your feet in such situations.

There are various reasons why gross foot problems occur, and it is usually because of the symptoms that a person avoids. It is necessary to take care of every single body part without neglecting it because it can later raise much bigger issues that might not be easy to handle and will take longer time periods to solve.

There are various skin treatments and medicines that can help in solving the feet; problems, so it is necessary to take all the actions before situations go out of control. There are various natural treatments for gross foot problems, and you can try them all because everything has its own healing properties.

Here are the types of gross feet problems and their solutions:

Gross feet problems

Athlete’s foot: It is one of the most common conditions that happens to millions of people in this world. Usually, this problem arises because of wearing tight shoes and sweating in the feet. The symptoms are pretty normal to notice, like itching, burning, and stinging in that area. The problem can also arise because of a fungal infection in between the toes, so you have to watch out for the symptoms.

The solutions are :

-Antifungal creams:

You can consult your dermatologist and use antifungal creams, which will heal and relieve your symptoms in weeks.

-Change the footwear:

-The next best thing to do is change your footwear and wear something that is more comfortable.
-Tea tree oil: You can also apply tea tree oil as it is known to have antifungal properties to treat gross feet problems.

-Himalayan salt and Apple cider vinegar:

The mixture together is potent to relieve any pain on the athlete’s foot.

The growing toenail:

It is one of those gross foot problems where you have a nail growing inside your skin which can be painful and disgusting at the same time.

There are various reasons why this can happen:

● Wearing the wrong sandals or footwear which will create a lot of pressure on your nails.

● Cutting the nails in an incorrect manner.
● Genetic condition.
● Any injuries that are caused in that area.

Here are few solutions to solve this problem:


You can get the surgery done to remove the toenail and minimize the pain.

Topical antibiotic:

Another best solution is to apply the antibiotic cream, which will prevent the infection.

Cracked heels:

More than millions of people face this problem where they can see cracks in their heels. It is not just gross but also unhealthy. Usually, cracks occur because of the dryness in that area.

Here are few solutions for this problem:

● Heel balms:

There are various types of moisturizers and balms available to solve this problem and exfoliate the dead skin on the heels.

● Soak and exfoliate the feet:

You can also soak your feet in lukewarm water and then clean them after a while.


When your feet experience too much friction, then there are small pockets of fluids created on the feet, which can be anywhere.

Solutions for the gross feet problems like blisters:

Gross feet problems

-Blister draining: one way to solve this problem is by draining out all the liquid from your blisters at home by following this simple process:
– First, wash your hands with warm water and use anti-bacterial soap.
– Get a needle and rub it in alcohol because it is essential to disinfect the needles.
– Then, clean your blister slowly by applying the antiseptic creams also.
-you need to puncture your blister and let the liquid flow out.
-after a while, apply the anti-bacterial cream on it and put a bandaid on it. Bunions:
It is one of the grossest foot problems which can occur due to various reasons. It is like a big toe that starts to bulge out, and that bump is called a bunionette. If it reaches a drastic stage, then surgery becomes a must.

Here are some solutions:


The best option to get rid of this problem is it will help you not facing extreme situations. If you do not want to get the surgery done, you have to consult the doctor and find better remedies for it, which needs a lot of attention.


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