Health Benefits of Kayaking

Health Benefits of Kayaking

While it can be fun to spend some time playing blackjack at the best online casino, humans need balance of also being outdoors which is why the activity of kayaking can be so appealing. Kayaking has some pretty obvious physical benefits, but it may actually be even more rewarding to mental health. 


As always safety should be of the utmost concern when kayaking, following all local water rules and wearing adequate personal protection. Once a person is safe and trained with how the kayak operates, they can enjoy some of these profits: 


Physical Positives of Kayaking 


Kayaking is such a great activity because it’s rewarding – but also fun. People will have such a good time floating on the water that they often don’t realize they are experiencing benefits such as: 


Weight Loss 


Kayaking is usually done in warmer weather so right off the bat people are getting the benefit of sweating. Working up a good bead helps flush toxins out of the body and burning calories helps lead to weight loss. Even paddling at a pace of just 5 MPH helps burn up to 500 calories an hour. 


Build Upper-Body Strength 


Pretty much every muscle from your waist on up is getting some work in on every single paddle. Your back, arms, shoulder, and chest will be absolutely burning after a rigorous kayaking session but will also get worked when having a leisurely float. For a better workout consider paddling against the water current. 


Legs Get Work Too


Granted most of the rewards from kayaking are spread across the upper body, but your legs still get some solid work. Kayaks are heavy, and you have to get them to the water somehow. Parking farther away and walking your kayak to the drop-in ramp is a very strenuous full-leg workout. 


Cardiovascular Benefits 


The great thing about kayaking is that it can be a peaceful, relaxing workout or it can be an intense cardio fest depending on how fast you paddle. Fast paddling not only builds upper body strength, it’s also a great exercise for heart health and circulation. 

Kayaking and Mental Health 


Spending time outside is right off the bat a mental health benefit of kayaking. A couple of hours in the sunlight gives you great Vitamin D exposure which strengthens the immune system, boosts your mood, can aid in weight loss, and can limit the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 


You feel happy when floating on the river, and that’s not just a feeling, it’s science. Your body is releasing dopamine and serotonin which has been shown to help increase your attention span. Kayaking also exercises the hippocampus section of the brain which increases blood flow in the brain and helps with improving memory. 


Burning calories during the day provides benefits at the time, but it also has the reward of a good night’s sleep. Being out in the sun and exercising is exhausting and your body will want to recharge with a good sleep which boosts the immune system, reduces stress, improves mood, and lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 


Kayaking – the Super Exercise


Kayaking is a great alternative to the gym. Think about it, you’re basically on a treadmill for your upper body while enjoying the positive benefits of being outdoors. 


Kayaking is great for building strength while also improving cardiovascular health. Being outdoors has mood boosting properties that lead to better sleep, lower stress, and improved focus and memory. 


This is also an activity that can (perhaps should) be done in groups. Going kayaking with a bunch of people increases the fun and is also a mentally sound bonding experience. A rigorous fellow kayaker can help increase the competitive nature of the exercise thus providing even more benefits. 


Aside from the risk of getting caught in a rainstorm or having a fish jump into your kayak, as long as you take proper safety measures there is really nothing adverse from enjoying a paddle out in the water. 


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