How many push-ups should I do in a day


Push-ups are the best form of strength-building exercise, and it also helps in making muscles. It needs a lot of practice to do the perfect push-ups. There is no restriction or particular numbers to how many push-ups a person should do every day. Some people do 200 push-ups every day whereas the others just do 100. So there is no fixed number that anyone can follow as it all depends on the body type and the goals that each person has for their body. Initially performing push-ups can be tiring and challenging, but with practice, it becomes better. You can start doing some 20-30 push-ups at the start and then slowly keep increasing the number. There are various kinds of push-ups, and a person can choose a suitable form according to their body type.

Listed below are some advantages:

1 Push-ups helps in enhancing the cardiovascular system:

Exercise helps in strengthening a lot of muscles and helps in improving the cardiovascular health of a person. The exercise helps in better oxygen and blood flow in the body which supports the health of the heart and helps in enhancing the cardiovascular system.

2 It helps in toning and defining the body:

Push-ups help in toning the body ideally as while doing the exercise your back is always straight, which helps in strengthening the core and toning the upper body. It improves the structure and makes the body more defined.

3 Push-ups help in stretching muscles:

The exercise helps in providing big support to the muscles and biceps of the body. It is very beneficial for improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles. It also improves the balance of the body as push-ups help you in gaining a lot of core strength.

4 It protects you from the shoulder and other injuries:

One of the most essential advantages of performing push-ups is that it helps in protecting your body from getting injured. It helps in protecting the joints from paining and getting injured. If you do some push-ups every day, then it will help in avoiding the injuries in the delicate muscles and joints of the body.

5 It helps in having a healthy body:

Doing push-ups every day will help in making the body healthy. Every person lives a busy life and doesn’t get time to take care of the body but doing push-ups every day will help in strengthening their body. There is no fixed number of how many push-ups are required, but it is vital to begin doing it for the health of your body.

Performing push-ups can help in many ways, and the best way to know is to start doing it. It is essential to know that there is no fixed amount for doing push-ups every day, but you can slowly start doing some push-ups and keep increasing it according to your body type and strength.

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