How many pushups should you do in a day for its benefits?

how many pushups should i do a day

To work on your upper body muscles and core muscles, there is no better exercise then pushups. It is convenient and efficient. Pushups do not require any kind of equipment thus can be performed at any time of the day and in any place. It is an extremely efficient workout that works on the entire body and makes you fit with just one exercise. The question that arises in everyone’s head is how many pushups should you do in one day. 

The answer to the question of how many pushups you should do in one day completely depends on your body, strength, and muscle power. Your body parts like arms, shoulders, chest, and abs work in unison to increase the number of Pushups you can perform but how to know how many pushups you should do in a day to extracts benefits out of it.

how many push ups should i do a day

To increase the number of pushups you can perform, you must practice the exercise daily. The only key to make your body pump up and fit to do more pushups every day is by practicing it and increasing your capacity. 

In the initial days, you must not push yourself more than you can do. This can break your muscles and cause injuries. It is fine if you are only able to do 20 or 30 pushups in a day. The key is to keep doing it every day and gradually increase. 

If you are worried about how many pushups you should do in one day in the initial days, this can turn bad for you. There are people who can perform 300 pushups in a day according to their needs. There are people who perform 50 pushups every single day and still have a great upper body.

If you are new to the game, start with 20 pushups a day. It is important to keep practicing but do not stay stuck to the number. For the initial 3 days, it is acceptable, but with days passing you should increase.

how many push ups should i do a day

The body adapts any new activity within 7 days and if you keep doing the same for 21 days, the body stops showing results.

So if you stick to practice 25 pushups daily, after 21 days, your body will stop showing any results and will adjust to it.

The transitions are important. Push your body to do more pushups. Increase your ability.

If you continue your pushup, make sure you reach 3 sets of 12 pushups by the end of 35 days and then you can keep it constant for someday.

After that, try and reach for 50 pushups in a total of 3 sets.

Things to keep in mind:

While people are often confused with how many pushups you should do in one day, they often miss another important aspect. 

With how many pushups you should do in one day, it is also very important to take care of how to perform the pushups in the right way.

People often concentrate on the number of pushups rather than body posture, balance, strength, muscle strength, and the benefit they are trying to extract.

Make sure before starting to practice the pushups, you are thoroughly aware of the benefits you need to derive from it.

After that, you need to understand the body poster, the time of hold, the rest intervals, the strength to keep, the height required, and everything else.

If the body posture is wrong, it can affect your physical health. Often, a wrong body posture works on the wrong muscle and injures it. This can even cause a serious injury if not take care of. If the exercise is performed in the right manner, you can derive multiple benefits out of it like

how many push ups should i do a day

  •         Adding mass to your chest and making it thick
  •         Compound exercise working on the entire body together
  •         Builds functional strength
  •         Improves stretch in the muscles
  •         Prevents injuries in the muscles
  •         Burns several calories without noticing
  •         Gives all the benefits of cardio alone with core muscles exercises
  •         Can be performed anywhere without any equipment
  •         Improves your back pain and body posture
  •         Works great for triceps muscles
  •         Gives you an all-over better physique
  •         Prevents getting injuries in the shoulder

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