How to lose muscles in calves

Lose Muscle in Calves

Everyone dreams of having slim calves and legs, but it takes a lot of work. According to the observations, thin people have thin calves, and the more massive people have thick calves. There are various ways through which you can lose muscles in calves, and the exercises need to be consistent. 

Here are some reasons for having bigger calves

1. The fat in the body:

Lose Muscle in Calves

Sometimes it’s possible to have bigger calves because of the fat in the body and losing weight overall can be helpful. It isn’t very easy to lose weight in the legs, but exercises can help a lot. 

2. The genetics:

Lose Muscle in Calves

It’s a hard topic to debate on, but the calf size can also depend on genetics. If your parents also have heavier and bigger calves, then you know why you have it too. Exercises won’t make significant changes, but it will help you in making minor changes to lose muscles in calves

3. Muscles:

Lose Muscle in Calves

There is a chance that your muscles have increased because of heavy workouts. If this is the case, then avoiding such exercises can help in reducing weight. 

It is imperative to stop doing the exercises which are pumping up the muscles and making the calves heavier. Here are some exercises that are recommended to avoid so that you can maintain the calves. 

1. Skipping:

what causes big calves

People usually think that skipping is good for losing the extra fat from the body and maintaining the legs, but it’s wrong. Skipping uses the calves more than anything other exercises which increases the calves more instead of reducing them. So skipping is never a good idea if you want to lose muscles in calves. 

2. Doing cardio at an incline:

what causes big calves

Running builds up the calves, but it is also a great way to maintain it and improve the health overall. It is recommended not to stop running, but it is essential to make sure that you are running on a flat surface because an incline will only build them up more. Stop working on the machines which are inclined because that will give more pressure to the body and will increase the muscles. 

3. Polymetric exercise or HIIT exercises: 

what causes big calves

The HIIT exercises are suitable for the calves but only some of them. If you want to lose muscles in calves, then you should avoid doing the polymetric exercises for the lower body. Don’t do exercises which will put a lot of pressure on your lower body like squats, burpees, and lunges. 

4 Uphill exercises:

Lose Muscle in Calves

Start avoiding any exercise which involves uphill workouts because it will only build the calves more rather than reducing them. 

It is helpful to start doing low-intensity cardio exercises because it will help in reducing the fat from the calves and making it thinner.

Here are some exercises which you can do to minimize the calves. 

1. Start evolving your running technique:

Lose Muscle in Calves

It is essential to maintain the running technique if you are looking forward to reducing weight. The running should be done on the feet and on a flat surface. It should be a low-intensity workout because only then it will help in reducing the fats from the calves. 

2. A treadmill is a good option: 

Lose Muscle in Calves

You can use a treadmill to lose muscles in calves because it is a flat surface that moves automatically and you have to set the appropriate running speed on it. It is up to you if you want to go outdoors to run or use the treadmill. 

3. Start doing yoga: 

Lose Muscle in Calves

Yoga and pilates are beneficial if you want to lose the calf muscles or overall body weight. It starts bringing the body into shape without adding more muscles to it. It will also help in improving the core and shaping the body properly. 

4. Do stretching exercises: 

Lose Muscle in Calves

The stretching exercises help loosen up the calf muscles, which will make your body more flexible. If you have already done a lot of exercises before this, then your muscles must be tight in form and doing stretching exercises helps in loosening it up and making it flexible. 

It is imperative to make sure that you are concentrating on losing weight overall instead of focus on just the calves. Doing exercises for the whole body will also help in reducing the muscles in the calves. It is imperative to make sure that the exercises are suitable for the calf muscles. It is easy to lose and tone up the calves if you are consistent and doing the exercises appropriately. 

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