How to Make Boxing Rounds: 3-Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout

Training at home has become the new normal. Where most people just join a gym where they follow the lead of their instructor and do not explore how they can customize their workout. For at-home boxing training, you need to start with a simple at-home gym. For the at-home gym, you don’t need too much stuff. Especially if you don’t need expensive equipment or huge workout space. Just a simple workout corner with enough space to spread your legs and arms fully in. Once you have set your gym and bought all equipment, you can then move to customizing the workout and taking care of the diet. This will help you get ready for the workout. However, the final part of the workout lies in the motivation and consistent work. If you have set the home gym and you are taking care of the diet but you are not committed to your workout routine, you will be disappointed with the results. So many people invest in gym equipment or gym membership but they never continue their daily workout. As a result, everything else goes in vain. For boxing, you need to focus on throwing powerful punches, the technique of throwing punches, generating energy for throwing punches, the speed of punches, and the attacking method. For this, you will need a detailed heavy bag boxing workout that you can practice.

For beginners who do not understand the importance of boxing training and especially heavy bag workout, it is important to know that it helps with improving the power generation and use of this power. Apart from this, it also helps in building strength. For beginners who are still trying to figure out ways to find the best heavy bag boxing workout, here is a 3-round heavy bag boxing workout.

3 Round Heavy Bag Workout

Most people recommend that beginners do not need bag workouts. This is because they are not familiar with simple punches and punching combinations. Before jumping to the heavy bag workout, it is better to start with simple punching combinations so that you know exactly when you will be using that and how you will be using that. A simple heavy bag punching workout will only help you to adjust your pace according to the swimming and use the energy for a better and more stable punching style.

By using a heavy bag workout you are not just using a speed bag or standard punching bag that is not filled with sand. With a heavy bag, you have so many different benefits. One of the main benefits is the fact that your striking power improves. Most people are good with throwing punches but their punch is not powerful enough to knock the opponent down. A heavy bag workout helps with knocking the other person down. If we look at the punching combination we see that they mostly consist of three to four strokes at a time. With a heavy bag workout, the overall strikes can be shorter than typical boxing workouts. This is because you are using more power and more energy so you will get tired easily. However, to reduce fatigue the best thing is to reduce the time. This is because you are already increasing the intensity.

Equipment Needed

For this heavy bag workout, you will need gloves, a heavy bag, comfortable shoes, wrist wraps, and a hanging chain. Most people do not want to invest in gloves so they just rely on wrist wraps, however, with a heavy bag you might end up hurting your knuckles so try to use heavy-duty gloves with a lot of cushions so you can protect your hands.

Breaking Down the 3 Round Heavy Bag Workout

Before starting the heavy bag workout, you need to start with a simple warm-up session. This will include power strikes and simple stretching. Some people even use rope skipping. You need to warm up and then cool down before the workout so that you can avoid the chance of injury. You need to then use a boxing training workout for strength and endurance as well.

Round 1

Time Required: 30 seconds

Maneuvers: this is a four strike combination that includes Jab – Cross – Lead Body Shot – Rear Body Shot

Start by throwing a jab and then increase the punching power. Then you need to throw a powerful crisis followed by a jab. To end it all well you can then throw two continuous body shots with the aim of hook and uppercut.

Round 2

Time Required: 30 seconds

Maneuvers: this is a three-strike combination that includes Lead Hook – Rear Hook – Cross – Rear Body Shot

Start by throwing a lead hook followed by a rear hook and then switch to cross and finally rear body shot with the same hand.

Round 3:

Time Required: 30 seconds

Maneuvers: this is a one strike punching technique that includes Power Uppercuts

For the third round, you need to start by throwing continuous uppercuts with the main focus to improve your speed. You can keep repeating for more than 30 seconds if you want.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that a simple heavy bag workout will not only help you generate energy. It will also help you to channel that energy and use it to deliver the best and most powerful punches. With the help of heavy bag training, you will be able to engage your whole body. This indeed is a very turning experience and you will need a lot of strength. However, with an increase in the weight of the bag, you will also be able to improve your body endurance. This means that you will be able to fight without getting tired. One of the most used methods of winning a fighting game is through continuous defense which only tires the opponent and you can then formulate an attack. With the help of a heavy bag workout, you can track performance improvement. For beginners, this heavy bag workout might be a little tiring but with practice, you will be able to have enough strength that you can go on for hours without feeling tired. This will also help you to increase your power and your punching delivery will also improve.

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