Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting is an energy restriction fasting which only allows you to consume food during a specific time period. There are meals scheduled for a particular period, and it is essential to consume it during that time if you want to follow intermittent fasting. It helps in losing weight and extending the living lifespan. The fasting has become famous in the last few years and people prefer to follow it more dedicated than any other plan. It allows you to consume food during a specific time and then avoid eating anything throughout the day. 

The popular fasting schedules for the diet are as follows: 

1 Intermittent fasting on alternate days:



One of the most popular methods of making this fasting effective is to fast every alternate day. Alternate day fasting helps in the restriction of the calorie intake in the body, but it is not recommended for beginners or a long term plan. It helps in losing weight faster because of the low-calorie intake on every alternate day. 

2 5:2 diet plan for Intermittent fasting:


The 5:2 diet plan restricts the calorie intake to 500 to 600 calories on the fasting days, which means that you can normally eat on five days and consume calories for about 300 on the other two days. 

3 The eat-stop-eat diet: 


The eat-stop-eat diet is hard to follow but is very useful for overall weight loss and health. It means you have to fast for 24 hours at a stretch without consuming anything. If you follow this once or twice in a week, then it can be very beneficial for your body. 

4 The warrior diet: 


The warrior diet means fast and feast during the day. In simple terms, it refers to consuming fruits and vegetables throughout the day and then consuming a full meal during the four-hour eating window at night. 

5 16/8 method


The 16/8 method refers to fast for 16 hours straight and only eat food in the 8-hour window, which is open for the consumption of food. This fasting method is easy to follow and also helps in reducing weight quickly. 

Food that you should avoid during the intermittent fasting diet: 


The intermittent fasting diet concentrates on the fasting side more, but it is also essential to know what kind of food should be avoided. It is recommended that the foods which are hard to digest should be avoided entirely during this diet plan such as greasy food, chocolates, sweets, and fried products. It is also vital to cut the calorie intake in the body while you are following the intermittent fasting diet because it will help in keeping your body stay fit and healthy. 

The intermittent fasting diet will help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and it will also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can also help in weight reduction or maintaining the weight as it is. It is easy to follow this diet while considering the types of products that are allowed to be consumed. 


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