Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey

Jacob Batalon's weight loss

Jacob Batalon is a well-known actor who starred in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home and his weight loss journey have inspired many people. He did not swing from one building to another to get rid of the extra weight, but he did many things for his weight loss, and his journey is commendable. He lost around 45 kilos in the last two years by following a plant-based diet and exercising daily. Here is everything you need to know about Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey: 


It was during the year 2019 that he decided to lose weight and become healthy. He used to complain about feeling sleepy at work almost all the time because of the junk food he used to eat. Later he decided to get rid of the unhealthy habits and lose some weight. He could barely walk up the stairs efficiently and always had days when he felt tired of doing any physical activity. He felt worse about his body when he saw himself without a shirt, and that’s when he got super serious about losing weight and getting healthy. He started by planning out his routine to lose weight and do things that would make him fit. 


Jacob Batalon took the help of his trainer and started exercising in the gym six days a week. He used to work out for around 90 minutes every day at the gym. His workout routine revolved around doing some heavy weightlifting, cardio and much more. Then he switched to a plant-based diet and left eating meat for a while for his weight loss. During this journey, his girlfriend, Brooke Reyna, immensely helped him. She used to motivate him and also made sure that he was sticking with his diet and following it properly. When it comes to losing weight, you have to get on a routine and become serious about it because nothing comes easy. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to get back in shape and be at it while following your schedule. 


Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey has inspired people, and it has changed how he lives his life compared to last year. Now he believes in consuming a healthy diet and only eats plant-based products. His workout routine is divided for him to exercise correctly and shed the extra weight he has gained. He ensures that for the first hour, he is just doing weights, and the last 30 minutes are all about cardio. He has a love-hate relationship with the burpee exercise, but his trainer makes sure that he is doing it properly and the number of times that is needed for him to get fit. Another exercise that Jacob Batalon finds attractive is Renegade Row, as he thinks it is crazily dynamic. It begins with him blanking and then lifting his arms with all the weight in his hand. 


Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey revolves around enjoying his exercises and doing whatever is needed to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. He also loves doing the Medicine Ball Slam, which is more than just lifting weights. It helps him in releasing the anger also, which is beneficial. In this exercise, you have to lift the ball, which has a lot of weight, from the floor to over your head and then slam it as hard as possible on the floor. It helps in anger release and also develops the core. 


Leaving meat has been difficult for Jacob Batalon, but he did everything needed to lose weight and maintain his healthy lifestyle. He continues to eat something that will benefit his health and makes sure to cut down on junk food as much as possible. Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey hasn’t been easy for him, but consistency helps him achieve his goal and get where a person wants to be. There are a lot of health complications if you go overweight, so eating healthily and exercising every day are essential. Jacob Batalon’s weight loss journey was about him changing his ways of consuming junk food, exercising daily and changing his routine in every way possible for him. 

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