Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss 2020

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

The pandemic has made a lot of changes for everyone, but it has also given us plenty of time to take care of our bodies in a healthy way and also to start eating healthy food. This whole time has given us time to sit back and change our lives in the way we want. There are many people who made sure to take this free time and utilize it to have a fitness routine.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss story is also very inspiring for all her friends as she worked her level best in order to lose the extra weight and get fit during the pandemic.

Jennifer Hudson is known as a famous American singer, actress, philanthropist who has always made sure to impress her fans by doing great work and setting great standards for them. She became famous in 2004 because of the American Idol show. Then she became a singing sensation because of the American idol she won, and ever since then, she has been doing amazing with her singing career and has shown many singing skills.

She started gaining weight after her child’s birth, and that’s when she decided that it was necessary to lose weight and stop eating junk food. So she started getting rid of all the junk food in the house and always consumed healthy food products. She started planning her meals according to the nutrients that are necessary for weight loss. She made sure to follow her diet routine in order to lose weight, so she always started her day with a high-protein breakfast which used to be scrambled eggs, fruits, and yogurt.

During lunch, she used to prefer consuming turkey grilled sandwiches with salads, and she made these two meals the most important meal for her day. A lot of proteins will help in getting through the day, and proteins also keep the body healthy without adding up the extra calories in the body. Make sure that you are not consuming extra calories in any of your meals and are only eating healthy food products.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss plan also started eating chocolates, and she made sure to keep the portions in control as she claims to her fans that her weight loss of 80 pounds wasn't the first time that she lost weight, but it was surely one of the most successful weight loss journeys for her till now. She said that she could see the drastic change in her body and weight before and after following the diet plan, which is why she could lose all the weight successfully.

The essential step that people usually forget is to maintain their weight after losing it. Jennifer Hudson kept this in mind and made sure to keep maintaining her weight even after losing 80 pounds after the diet that she followed. she divided her meals into portions and ate the things she liked with everything healthy.

There are a four-day plan and schedule for the diet that she followed during her weight loss journey, which is as follows:

Jennifer Hudson Weight LossDay one:

For breakfast- Only fresh fruits with one cup of fresh greek yogurt. She also started consuming 3 to 4 cups of oats for her breakfast every day.
For lunch: Turkey on a loaf of whole-wheat bread with a combination of low-calorie salsa.

For snacks: A small bowl of popcorn with tea that has skim milk in it.
For dinner: Sushi with one tuna roll.

Day two:

For breakfast: Egg white scramble with 1 to 4 cups of mushrooms for sides added with two tablespoons of low-fat cheddar, 1 to 4 cups of cooked broccoli, English muffins, and few slices of bacon on the sides.
For lunch: Grilled chicken salad, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, some cucumber, carrots, and tortilla chips.
For snacks: Granola, non-fat Greek yogurt, peanut butter, one apple.
For dinner: Steamed vegetables, some shrimps with cooked brown rice.

Day three:

For breakfast: Chicken, eggs, shredded cheddar, and egg, mushroom.
For lunch: Shrimp with stir-fried broccoli and cooked brown rice.
For snacks: One tea with skim milk, Low-fat tortilla chips.
For dinner: sweet potatoes, turkey, and one cup of greens.

Day four:

Day four used to be a cheat day with all the other food that she loves to eat otherwise. Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss plan is pretty simple for people who want to lose weight and get inspired by her transformation.


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