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Kevin Smith is a famous filmmaker, podcaster, comedian, author, actor, comic book writer, and public speaker. Kevin Smith worked hard after his heart attack to lose weight and become fit. The actor had a heart attack which was an eye-opener for him to lose weight. He was always a heavy kid after high school, but he was delighted to weigh below 200 pounds after his heart attack.

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The actor worked really hard to get rid of extra weight, and he lost 40 pounds after all the hard work. He used to cut out sugar and walk around with his dog to make sure that he is doing some physical exercise in order to stay fit. The actor has lost 80 pounds in total, and it is a significant achievement for him. After his heart attack incident, the doctors asked him to lose more 50 pounds for the betterment of his health, and so he started working towards his goals of losing weight to stay fit and have a healthy life. He reached 205 pounds after reducing more 51 pounds post his heart attack incident.


Kevin Smith claims that he once lost 17pounds in a week just by staying on an all potato diet and not consuming anything else. It is imperative to stay fit and healthy these days. The main role in your fitness is played by eating habits and the workout sessions. The diet should be proper and healthy. His family supported him a lot throughout his weight loss journey and gave him the motivation to lose more weight to stay fit.

Kevin Smith

 There are various advantages to losing weight, and the topmost is the overall health and efficient working of the body. In order to stay fit, it is essential to concentrate on consuming high-quality food which is rich in proteins, carbs, and fibers required for the body.


Kevin Smith praises his daughter for finding the vegan path for herself and taking care of her diet properly. It is not easy to lose 51 pounds after a heart attack, but Kevin Smith proved everyone wrong by doing so for himself. It takes up a lot of hard work and efficiency to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. You have to restrict yourself from consuming junk food and leading unhealthy ways for life. Kevin Smith now looks much lighter and thinner as compared to his previous state. He is very happy that he worked so hard to reach this stage and achieve an ideal weight for himself. Though he is working on losing more, he is happy for whatever he is doing for himself.

When the doctor told Kevin Smith to lose 50 pounds after the heart attack, he took it even more seriously and worked on it so that he felt much lighter and better about his weight.

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