Lena Dunham Weight Loss

Lena Dunham weight

The weight loss journey is never easy, and a person has to go through a lot of stages to reach their final goal.
There are times when they not only go through the physical tension but also the mental worries about
their weight. Lena Dunham has an incredible weight loss journey, and she is very open about it. Lena is
an American actress, director, writer and producer. She has been working for a long time in this field, but
recently in an interview, she spoke about her weight loss journey post-breakup.

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Lena Dunham was suffering through the painful disease, endometriosis in which the uterus grows in size
and can become very painful for the women. This disease affects 1 out of 10 women. So, Lean went
through an operation called a hysterectomy, which means the removal of both her cervix and uterus both.
Lena has always been open about the struggles that she goes through her life and because of that, there
have been times in her life where she had to take off from her work.

Lena Dunham weight
It wasn’t the end of the complications as she went through many more complications during her periods.
Undergoing the other surgeries for the betterment of her health meant that she wouldn’t be able to carry a
child, but she thought that she’d become open to other options like adoption.

weight loss
Lena spoke about how she was dealing with weight gain, but then she started losing a lot of weight during
and after her relationship. Everything started for her when she first had a stomach infection in 2016 and
slowly started losing weight.

Lena Dunham

Then after the breakup with her boyfriend, she went to rehab. Lena always liked to call her rehab as a
five-star hotel where they took away the razors from her. The whole process there started affecting her
relationship with the food. It is known to the world that Lena went to rehab for trauma and prescription
drug dependency, and she is open about it.

Lena Dunham weight
When the drugs started leaving her body after one week, she started feeling more and more hungry. She
used to eat whatever she felt like eating during that time.
She also said it openly in the interview that being a single woman working in Hollywood she cannot
pretend that weight is not a thing because it is something that people look at on the very first and last go.
Weight is always a big issue, but Lena has always been and is a very body-positive person as she prefers
to accept herself the way she and her body is like. Even after the acceptance, she has to think about the
weight because it’s not easy being overweight while you are working in Hollywood.

weight loss
Her weight loss started happening when she was going through all the struggles, sadness, breakup and
much more in her life. It wasn’t just a little amount of weight because she lost a lot of weight.
Then slowly, Lena started accepting and doing exercises for her health. She also took up yoga and went
on a healthy diet for the sake of her healthy body. When she was taking care of her body and was on the
road of losing weight, people used to criticize her for being a hypocrite and saying that she is a body-
positive person.

weight loss
Lena took it very positively and was straight about the fact that whosoever is criticizing her on the internet
are not the people she is even trying to impress. She always says positive things and smiles wide to
everyone around her because she thinks it’s her body, and she is proud of how it is.

Lena Dunham
Weight loss or weight gain journeys are never happy because the person goes through a lot to reach a
stage where they start accepting their body. The most important lesson that anyone should learn from
Lean Dunham’s weight loss journey is that it is essential to accept the body the way it is and now go by
the emotions and comments of others. You are walking your journey nobody else is, and the sufferings
that a person goes through is only known to them. It is essential always to know what is more relevant to
you and how you can accept yourself. Lena is proud of herself and her body irrespective of weight, size,
and shape. She has always been positive towards the criticism of people and took it in the right way
instead of falling for it.

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