Piyo Workouts

piyo workout

The piyo workout is an eight-week plan which helps in strengthening the flexibility of the body. The movement involves exercises that help in toning up the body and reducing fat. The exercises don’t require any weight lifting or equipment, which makes it easy to do at home. It is a combination of pilates and yoga at once, which helps in giving the perfect structure to your body. There are various exercises listed below which come under the piyo workouts.


1 Piyo connector

piyo workouts

The exercise starts with you standing on a mat with an inverted V position. You have to balance the position with your hands on the ground and your hips high in position. Then you have to slowly cross your right leg on the left and bend your upper body a little lower towards the ground. The arm should be in a straight position and touching the ground while the legs should be extended enough. You have to stay in this position for a while and then get back to the normal position slowly. Do five reps of this exercise and keep switching the leg.


2 The static beast position
piyo workout

You have to be in a position of all fours on a floor then raise your toes slowly and lift your knees from the ground. Hold the same position for 1 minute at least as it will strengthen your core and help you in shaping your body.


3 The moving warrior position



You have to stand with your legs wide apart from each other, and the left leg a little forward while the right should be turned outwards in an angle. Stretch your hands upwards, and the palms should be facing inwards then slightly bend your knees in a 90-degree angle and then slowly move your arms at a 180-degree position. Keep doing the same exercise while syncing the working of hands and knees together.


4 The runner position

You have to start the exercise by standing straight and then slowly bending the right knee and raising it to your hip level. Bend both the arms and keep your left arm forward and right one behind the body. While moving the hand slowly bend your body parallel to the floor and keep doing this exercise for a few minutes.


5 The downward-facing plank


It is one of the most straightforward exercises in the piyo workout plan as it is similar to the regular planks that we do in the gyms. You have to start the exercise by sitting in a plank position. Then you have to slowly put all the pressure on your hands and slowly raise your hips from the ground level. Stay in the same position for a while and then slowly come back into your normal position. Keep doing this a few times.


The piyo workout exercises concentrate on building flexibility and strength in your whole body. It helps you in having control over the body while keeping the core strong. You can start doing these exercises at your own pace, and it will also help in reducing weight.

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