Pumpkin seed advantages & disadvantages

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are tiny, but they are the powerhouse for a lot of nutrients. The small pumpkin seeds are good enough to provide a person with an adequate amount of nutrients and proteins needed for the body. You can roast the pumpkin seeds and consume it. These seeds are one of the most common ingredients in Mexican cuisine and are very healthy for the body.

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of these seeds which are listed below:

The advantages of pumpkin seeds:

1 It reduces the risk of cancer:

Pumpkin seeds

There are studies which show that the pumpkin seeds can reduce the risk of various diseases like breast, colon, prostate, stomach and lung cancer. The nutrients present in the seeds help in reducing the risk of breast cancer for women. It was also tested that the supplement which contained pumpkin seeds slowed down the rate of cancer cells in the body.

2 The powerhouse of all the valuable nutrients:


Pumpkin seeds have a lot of nutrients in them which are really good for the health and the body. There is also a sufficient amount of fatty acids and antioxidants, which protects the body from various diseases and helps in reducing inflammation.

3 It helps in strengthening the immune system of the body:


The oil in pumpkin seeds contains Vitamin E and other healthy antioxidants which are very beneficial for the immune system of the body. It helps in strengthening the immune system and maintaining the blood vessels of the body properly. It is considered as one of the best sources of Vitamin E for the body.

4 Pumpkin seeds help in controlling and maintaining the blood sugar of the body:

Pumpkin Seeds

According to the studies, the seeds can help in controlling type 2 diabetes in the body, or it can help in reducing the complications that come in with this type of diabetes. It helps in protecting the organs which get affected by diabetes, and it also helps in improving the insulin intake in the body.

5 It helps in improving insomnia:

vitamin E

Pumpkin seeds are rich in one particular amino acid, which is known as tryptophan. This amino acid helps the body in relaxing and solving the problem of insomnia. The consumption of seeds can help the person in solving the problem of insomnia and sleeping well.

6 It is good during pregnancy:

vitamin E

The seeds are rich in zinc which is very good for your health. It is recommended to have the right amount of zinc in food during pregnancy as it helps in improving the health and also gives healthy outcomes. It is also helpful in preventing urine infection and enhances the functioning of the immune system during pregnancy or otherwise.

7 It is perfect for eye and skin health:

pumpkin seeds

There are good antioxidant components in the seeds which further helps in improving the health of the skin and the eye as it will help in protecting the skin and eye from UV rays or any radiation.

8 The seeds are great for heart health:


The seeds contain a lot of nutrients which are really good for the heart. It helps in reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The seeds also help in maintaining the level of cholesterol in the body.

There are some disadvantages of the pumpkin seeds which are listed below:

1 The high-calorie content in the seeds:

high-calorie content

The pumpkin seeds have a high amount of calories in it, which can sometimes be harmful to the body as it will result in weight gain. If the seeds are not consumed or digested correctly, then it leads to gaining weight fast.

2 The high consumption of these seeds can cause constipation:



The seeds are healthy, but there should be a limit to the consumption, if the seeds are consumed in high amounts then it can cause constipation because it has high soluble fibres which can cause further result in digestive problems.

3 The seeds can cause diarrhoea:


It is imperative to know the limit to the consumption of the pumpkin seeds because anything high is consumption is always inadequate for the body. If the seeds are consumed in a high amount, then it can result in diarrhoea.

4 The health of the seeds:


It is essential to check the health of the seeds before consuming it because if it can very quickly be the opposite of healthy for the body. If the seeds are healthy, then it will result in good outcomes for the body.

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