Pumpkin seed oil dosage for hair

Hair loss is a widespread phenomenon these days, people complain about the amount of hair fall they are having and how it is getting thin with every passing day. There are a lot of home remedies that help in avoiding hair loss. One such effective solution is using pumpkin seed oil for the hair. The pumpkin seed oil helps in improving hair quality and also helps in hair growth.

The pumpkin seed oil is obtained from the seeds of pumpkin, which also has a lot of healing properties. The pumpkin seed is rich in healthy fatty acids, minerals, and other antioxidants, which helps in making the hair healthy. You can consume pumpkin seeds after roasting them.

The oil can be applied to the hair directly for the effective results and hair growth. The oil is also used in many dishes and some medicines for the effective and strong effects of improvement in the hair quality and skin.

Listed below are few things that pumpkin seed oil does for the benefit of the hair:

  1. It helps in reducing hair fall: Pumpkin seed oil is known for reducing the hair fall and making it stronger. The oil also has antifungal and antibacterial components which help in cleaning the scalp and make the roots stronger than before. It is very beneficial for treating the dead skin on the scalp.
  2.  It gives mineral support to the hair: The pumpkin seeds are an excellent source for the minerals, which further makes the Pumpkin seed oil beneficial too because it contains all the minerals, magnesium, and other nutrients that are suitable for the hair.
  3.  It helps in improving the male baldness: Male baldness has become common these days, and it is also a topic for worry, but the pumpkin oil helps in improving the state and making it better. Androgenetic Alopecia is known as male baldness patterns, and the pumpkin seed oil helps in improving the pattern and letting the hair grow again.
  4.  It has antioxidants for effective use: The pumpkin seed oil contains a lot of antioxidants which are suitable for the hair-like Vitamin E and much more. There is a variety of antioxidants present in the oil, and it improves the health and overall strength of the hair.
  5. It helps in nourishing the hair: The pumpkin seed oil is the moisturizer and nourisher for the hair, and it helps in giving the shine to the hair. It can very easily promote the hair count on the scalp and make the hair thicker.

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The pumpkin seed oil has a lot of great benefits for hair growth and hair count. There are various ways to use this oil for the improvement of hair like:

1 You can consume the oil in the form of small pills directly, which you can also use as a hair growth regimen.

2 You can create a hair mist using the oil and some water, which can be helpful to spray on the hair so that it gets the minerals and correct antioxidants for the growth.

3 You can mix the oil with coconut and castor oil to make a pre-mix before the shampoo.

4 The pumpkin seed oil can also be used as a hair mask with other ingredients.

There is no right amount of dosage for the oil, but if you use it twice or thrice every week, then it can start giving you positive results. It is imperative to massage your head correctly and use other methods that will boost up the hair growth, and the massaging of this oil will become more effective.

You will start to notice the change in your hair if you consistently use the oil because it is very effective, and it can help in improving the hair count. Pumpkin seed oil is known for treating male baldness for a long time now. The researchers have tested and seen the change in hair growth and quality.

The results of using pumpkin seed oil are very effective, but it is important to use it in the right way because overconsumption and usage of the oil won’t help in the sudden boost of the hair. The oil can also help in reducing the excess hair fall and make it stronger. There are a lot of nutrients and balanced antioxidants, which help in the improvement of hair growth and strength. You can try the oil and see how it changes your hair thoroughly.

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