Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson's weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson is known as a famous actress, writer, comedian, and producer from Australia who has worked in many series and comedy shows, making people laugh. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey has been very inspiring because it shows how dedicated she was to lose weight and reach her goals.

During New Year’s she chose to lose weight, and she actually stood by that statement and worked hard to lose weight. She made changes in her schedule to make the weight loss successful. Rebel has never been ashamed of her body, and she always showed confidence about loving herself the way she is.

Even though she used to stand out in the crowd, she didn’t let herself down because of other people’s comments.  Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey was an inspiration because she took serious steps in order to lose her weight and reach that stage.

Here is what Rebel Wilson weight loss journey looked like:


1 Cardio exercise :

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey was all about her working out throughout the week with all dedication and her trainer. The trainer also made sure that she reaches her goal every day. She has a daily workout routine made for herself, which she follows strictly. The exercises that she did made a huge difference in her journey.

2 New Healthy Year:

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey started as a New Year goal when she decided to get rid of the extra weight and get back into shape. She started working hard while shooting for her new movie named  Cats and The dances in that movie were complicated, and it involved a lot of workouts from her side.

As her workout sessions were very rigorous, they helped her in losing weight faster. She lost around 8 pounds in four days.

Rebel Wilson's weight loss journey3 Be comfortable with your body:

Rebel taught everyone one essential thing, which is the importance of loving yourself no matter what your shape or size is. Loving yourself is something that everyone can do, and that what she taught everyone throughout her weight loss journey.

She launched a clothing company that had plus sizes of clothes that aren't easy to find in any other company, and it helped a lot of people. She thinks it’s important for people to be happy in their own skin and do whatever makes them happy.

4 Changes in the process:

Life is all about adjusting to the small changes like stopping junk foods, not eating desserts, and avoiding excess sugar in life. More importantly, everyone should always stay active by doing the workouts to help them lose weight.

Losing weight isn’t an easy process as you have to work out through the journey and make sure that you are following everything strictly because nothing comes easy. There are a lot of eating habits and lifestyle routines that you have to change to lose weight.

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