Eight remedies for dry skin

Dry skin

There are various reasons for causes of dry skin, and some of the common symptoms are caused by environmental factors. The environmental factors damage the skin and take off the moisture from the skin, which makes it dry. There are various other reasons also which causes dry skin like harsh soaps, chemicals, climate, heat, and hot showers. Though the good part is that there are various home remedies to get rid of dry skin and restore the skin's moisture again.

Here are the remedies that you can follow:

Dry skin

● Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has some emollient properties, which help in creating a smooth surface and filling the spaces between the skin cells. There are saturated fatty acids in the oil, which can hydrate and smoothen the skin. If you feel that your skin is too dry, then you can use coconut oil on the sensitive parts of your body, like under your eyes and around your mouth, to heal the skin. There is no need to mix the coconut oil with anything because it has all the things that are needed to heal the skin and moisturize it.

● Petroleum jelly:

There is another study that shows that petroleum jelly can heal the skin because of the mineral oil and the protective layer it gives to the skin. The moisture is trapped underneath the skin, which helps in healing the irritated and dry patches of the skin.

● Oatmeal baths:

Oatmeal is known to heal irritated and dry skin. There are studies that show that it has been used for centuries as a home remedy for healing the skin. There are various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties present in the skin, which will soothe the irritation and will also relieve the itching. You can easily make an oatmeal bath for yourself at home by processing the oatmeal into a fine powder and then stirring it in warm water.

● Antioxidants and omega 3s:

If you think that your skin is dry, then you need to make sure to do things that will help in healing the skin faster. There are various remedies that you can do in order to heal dry skin. It would be best if you also made sure to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and can minimize the toxins.

There are various food products like:

● Blueberries
● Tomatoes
● Carrots
● Lentils
● Peas
● Beans

These food products will help in providing the necessary nutrients to your skin which will further help in healing the dry skin.

● Gloves:

Hands are the most exposed to the environment around which can cause irritation. It would be best if you started wearing gloves to protect your hand from all the products that can cause dryness. Wearing gloves will help in protecting your hands from various temperatures and environments, which can ruin your skin.

● Change your shower temperature:

There is a study that shows that hot showers can cause dryness in the skin, so the best thing that you can do in order to protect your skin is to change the shower routine and the temperature. People usually tend to take really hot showers, which can damage both the skin and scalp both. Make sure to use the soaps which can moisturize your skin and also repair it. Also, do not use chemicals that can harm your skin, and it should be fragrance-free. Use all the gentle products and a lukewarm temperature for the shower.

● Use a humidifier:

You can also have a humidifier at your home because it will help you in minimizing dryness and will protect the moisture of your skin. The dryness can also be caused because of the home heating system, but humidifiers are a great way to avoid that.

● Avoid the irritants and allergens:

If you suddenly have dry skin, then it can be connected with the kind of clothes that you wear, so you need to be very careful with that. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that are suitable for your skin and don't cause irritation. It would be best if you avoided various things to prevent the skin from drying up, like not using chemically treated or chlorinated water, wearing woolen clothes, and much more.

Try to keep away from anything that can cause irritation and allergy to your skin. It is essential to take care of your skin and include it in your hygiene plan because it will help you in preventing dry skin. Try these remedies in order to protect your skin.

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