Running gear for beginners: What to wear and when to buy

Running gear for beginners

Starting anything new can feel like a daunting task. However, with these top tips and tricks, you will know exactly what clothes to wear for starting out running, and the best time to buy them.


When to buy running gear

Running apparel is high in demand and popular throughout the year since running can be done all year round – either outside around the neighborhood or inside on treadmills and running machines at home or in the gym. This being said, running is often far more popular during the warmer months, and at the beginning of the year when individuals are looking to get back into shape after the holidays. But when it comes to buying running gear, look out for sales all year round, including summer sales and most notably, the Black Friday sales in November.

What to wear when running

Running shoes and footwear

You should consider purchasing a pair of running shoes or trainers that are comfortable and fit right on your feet. Make sure that they are suited to the shape of your feet and the type of running you want to carry out.

Nowadays, running shoes offer a range of additional features such as sole types and cushioning, but it is most important to find a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in. The last thing you want is to be halfway through a run and have to stop because your trainers are irritating your feet.

Running socks

Your feet will truly appreciate a good pair of running socks. Purchase a pair of seamless running socks that are intended to drain sweat and perspiration away from the foot. Also, look for suitable socks that can greatly aid in the reduction of friction, and prevent you from getting blisters

Some socks even have grip features attached to the bottom allowing your foot to stay right in place when running. Another important thing to take note of is that some pairs of running socks can have a specific sock for left and right, so make sure that you wear them on the right feet.

Running tops and t-shirts

Cotton clothes that are too loose might irritate underneath your armpits and rub along your skin. Whilst you can wear them while warming up or cooling down after your run, it’s advised you don’t while running. There are plenty of breathable tops on the market that prevents sweating and irritation, and many of these can be extremely cheap and affordable.

All sports performance tops drain perspiration away from the body to keep you cool and dry, and to allow more air to circulate through the fabric. They have a super-light feel to them, yet they can keep you feeling cool or warm depending on the weather.

Running tights

When the weather becomes colder, It is best to wear running tights to maintain warmth within your legs and lower the risk of muscle strain or injury.

You can invest in running tights that are custom-fitted to grip your legs more tightly to prevent precipitation and wind from reaching your legs, allowing you to keep warm and protected. This helps to decrease and prevent the risk of injuries caused by cold muscles and as heat will be kept within.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about what to wear and when to buy it when beginning your running journey.

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