Sam Smith’s famous weight loss journey

Sam Smith weight loss Diet

Sam Smith is a famous songwriter and singer who has managed to lose a lot of weight because of his diet plans and schedule. There is a lot of sadness as to why Sam Smith worked so hard to lose his weight. He has had many bad childhood experiences regarding his weight which also motivated him to do something about his body and weight. Sam Smith went through liposuction when he was 12 years old because of the bullies in his school. 

The singer also expressed how he had a lot of weight and fat on his chest, which made other boys touch and holds him, to make fun of him. It is not easy for a 12-year-old child to go through such incidents in his life, but Sam still went through all this to save himself from all the jokes and bullies. Sam Smith’s weight loss journey has been a challenging phase for him, but he did everything he could to lose weight and get in shape. 

Sam Smith weight loss Diet

After feeling lonely for years in school and after that because of his weight, Sam wanted to do something about it. Sam Smith’s weight loss journey has been all about his relationship with food. Sam was always an emotional eater and food somehow made him feel better. Later, he met a nutritionist named Amelia Freer who turned his life around and made him lose 50 pounds. Sam Smith’s weight loss then became all about becoming fit and losing the stones in which Amelia played a significant role. She made him lose two stones and turned around his relationship with food. Sam Smith started feeling more and more content and happy in his life because of the confidence that he was gaining in this journey. 

The singer started following a fixed diet which was very healthy for his body and was a powerhouse of all the nutrients needed for losing weight. It is difficult when you lose confidence in life and for Sam that happened when people started teasing him for being gay and massive, but Amelia made a big difference in his life, and Sam Smith’s weight loss journey somehow started becoming successful. 

Sam Smith weight loss Diet

Losing 50 pounds is not an easy thing to do because it takes up a lot of effort and hard work from both the person and their trainer. Sam Smith’s weight loss journey was so successful because he wanted to give it his best and lose weight to gain back his confidence again. With a great dedication to working out and balancing the right meals, he started reducing his weight and became a fit and healthy guy. 

Even now, Sam Smith is very open about how he struggles to avoid food because he loves to eat food, but he is trying his best. He claims that even though it is difficult for him to avoid food, he is trying to make sure that he keeps up the right balance so that he doesn’t gain weight again. 

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