Shannon Beador weight loss

Shannon Beador weight loss

Shannon Beador is a famous television personality who is known for the show ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County.’ The actress announced that she lost 40 pounds after her friend’s divorce. Shannon Beador knew that her husband was stress eating himself and making her drink more, which is one main reason why she gained 40 pounds. Shannon confessed during her show premier about how she is gaining weight instead of losing, but after a while, she decided to get on a strict schedule and lose the weight. Shannon Beador weight loss journey has been inspiring for all the fans. Her increase in weight and change in her thoughts inspired a lot of people. She thinks that the appearance embarrassed everyone, but it is the hard work that counts.

Shannon knows that she was going through a challenging journey, and that’s why she ignored whatever other people used to say about her weight. In October 2017, after 17 years of their excellent relation and marriage, Shannon and David called it off. They were going through a lot of problems, and they share three kids who are named Sophia, Stella, and Adeline. Their relationship ended in the year 2019, and after that, Shannon decided to regain her body and become fit. 

Before this, she was just stressed about eating and drinking, which was the main cause of her weight gain, but after her divorce, she decided to lose weight and follow the healthy routine that will keep her fit. Throughout these years, Shannon used to keep losing and gaining weight, but after a while, she decided that it was high time to take care of her body and weight. In August, she claimed that it is time to stop playing around and focus on the weight now. One day Shannon realized that she wanted to be as nice as possible and do whatever is good for her. Her body fat percentage was around 40, and she realized that it isn’t a good thing for her and she needs to lose weight. A lot of people start panicking when they are not able to lose bodyweight, which is why it is essential to understand that the weight loss journey is slow, and you cannot rush it. Shannon started to realize that her lifestyle and eating habits need to change if she wants to lose weight. It isn’t just about eating habits as a lifestyle also plays a big role when it comes to weight loss. Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey was very easy for her because she knew what she wanted and how she could achieve it. She decided to start making good choices, not just for her body but in life. It is imperative to take care of mental health with physical health. She knew that she did not want to put a stop to the food she likes, and she wanted to keep eating whatever she likes, so she started following a diet like that. 

Facts about Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey:

Shannon Beador weight loss

Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey involved her talking to the expert Tim Ramirez who then told her about the body fat that she has in her body is not healthy because this is the weight that kills people because of various diseases. It is imperative to understand that being overweight is not a good thing as it causes problems for your own body, so the earlier you understand and start doing things to lose weight, the better it is. It is imperative to keep your body active and keep moving because that helps in shedding the unnecessary weight that you have. 

The stress of weight loss:

Shannon Beador’s weight gain went through depression because she was going through a very tough time. She gained a lot of weight in a year, which made her depressed. She did not want to hurt her husband because she knew that they were fairly through this all. 

Was she ready for a change? 

Shannon Beador weight loss

During the episodes of her show, she broke down in tears about her weight gain and how she doesn’t understand what she can do to not go through this. It was difficult for her to understand how to let herself go and understand the importance of controlling. Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey was a very difficult one for her because, after her weight gain, she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror properly. She was so upset with her weight gain and the things she was going through. 

The difference two years that made in Shannon’s life: 

Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey used to come to a pause whenever she stopped exercising. There were times when Shannon used to stop exercising, and those times didn’t help her in losing her weight as such. The most important thing during a weight loss journey is to choose the things which are right for your body. It isn’t important to have a healthy juice all the time, but it is important to understand the kind of food you should be having to lose weight and get healthy. She also knew that her diet was 80 percent and her exercising for 20 percent. Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey was all about her working hard towards losing weight, and she also believed that her diet should be 90 percent because you should be able to do and eat things that you like. There are times when people who are dieting believe that it is important to understand that restricting food products won’t change anything. You need to understand your body type and the kind of food that is good for your body. Eat what is healthy for you, and then exercise enough to burn the extra calories. Also, make sure not to consume a lot of calories because that is never healthy, and it also doesn’t help in weight loss. 

This was when she lost the most weight: 

Shannon Beador weight loss

Shannon Beador’s weight loss was a very exciting journey as she went through many ups and downs, but when she decided to do something for herself and her body, she actually made sure to do it. There are a lot of things that Shannon did to lose the extra weight, like continuous exercise and eat healthy food. Shannon couldn’t play after she broke two ribs, but she still made sure to stay active to burn the calories that she used to consume daily. You can lose the bodyweight on your own terms if you want to, but it is very important to follow the process and understand your body type completely. It is imperative to have supportive people around you because those people help in motivating you and move towards your goals.

There are a few things that Shannon did during her weight loss journey: 

Sleep properly: 

It is imperative to get sufficient sleep because that helps in processing your entire day and also makes you feel relaxed for the next day. When it comes to losing weight, it is very important to take care of both physical and mental health because both are equally important. 

Drink plenty of water:

Shannon Beador weight loss

It is very important to stay hydrated at all times because going through a weight loss journey is not easy, and it is essential to take care of the needs that your body has to lose weight. Drinking water not only helps in losing weight and keeping you hydrated, but it also helps in solving a lot of other problems. Water is good for your body, and you should drink plenty of water every day.

Exercise daily:

It is essential to remember that exercising is the key to losing weight. There are many exercises that you can do to lose weight, but all you need to do is first understand your body type so that you can choose the exercises which will help you in losing weight faster. Not only weight loss but exercising daily will keep you healthy and fit, which is beneficial in the long term. 

Follow your diet properly:

Shannon Beador weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, you first need to understand your body type and schedule once you understand that, then it is easy to set a diet that will help you in losing weight faster. You can choose food that will keep you energetic but also help you in losing weight. Make sure to avoid junk food and food, which has a lot of calories in it because that will make you gain weight. Also, have a proper schedule throughout the day so that you do not keep munching food at odd times. 

Shannon Beador’s weight loss journey has been inspiring to a lot of people, and it is important to take inspiration so that you can follow the same journey in your life. Make sure to have a proper diet and exercising schedule to lose weight. 

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