Should You Already Have a Home Sauna System? 

home sauna

When you call and ask your friends what they are doing if they say “sitting in my sauna” you’re either chummy with Joe Rogan or you know somebody who has taken advantage of how easy it is to get the healing effects of steam at the moment. 


You don’t have to be signed to a $100 million NFL predictions podcast deal to have a sauna in your home, and in fact you don’t even need to be a weightlifter/fighter/exercise guru to reap the benefits of eliminating toxins from your body via your own sweat. Here’s an overview of what home saunas are and why they help you in numerous ways: 


What Are Saunas? 


Saunas are enclosed apparatus whose function has best been described as the body taking a bath from the inside out. Even though the heat is coming from the exterior, what it does is kickstart a reaction inside of your body that sweats out toxins. 


When a person sweats it forces poisons out of the body which provides numerous health benefits. Even the process of sitting in the heat is relaxing, and at a gym, a 6 or 8-person sauna provides a space to communicate and bond with others which also has healing properties. 


When you think of a traditional sauna, you might conjure up images of a windowless enclosed room that has built-in heat sources as well as a wood log in the corner for ambiance and effect. If you’ve got a huge budget those types of saunas can be very much incorporated into your room, but other versions of the home sauna are more affordable than ever. 


Home Saunas


It’s not fair to call home saunas from places like Amazon “cheap” because there’s arguably a better return on investment on spending $200 for a portable unit than there is on a $5000 high-end model that will require home renovations to incorporate. That’s a lot of successful weekends on BetUS to pay for the home saunas. 


Portable personal steam sauna spas very much represent a tent that you zip up and enclose yourself in. Most popular models have an opening for your head as well as your hands, so you can enjoy a beverage, read a book, or just scroll through your recent BetUS wagers on a tablet while the rest of your body is getting pummeled by heat that is drawing toxins out of your body via sweat glands. 


These personal spas can provide the enclosed tent with 110-degree or higher temperatures powered by steam generators that can run consistently for an hour or more. You fill the reservoir with water and set the temp and time and then simply relax as your body heals itself via heat exposure. 


Why Do I Need a Home Sauna? 


There are a variety of reasons why people prefer to put a home sauna up in their living room, basement, workout space, etc. compared to going to a gym or pool. The first advantage to a home sauna is privacy because not everybody is confident in showing their body when on a weight loss trek or comfortable in having conversations half-naked in a public sauna with total strangers. 


Besides privacy, the convenience of having a home sauna is a game-changer. It takes a lot of drive to make a 30-minute trek to the gym after enjoying a meal at home or when you’ve already turned in for the night. Instead, when you can just walk to the basement, fill a reservoir with water, and have a sauna experience while also watching TV or enjoying a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home you’re more likely to stick to the path. 


Are There Really Benefits? 


Obviously, people are going to enjoy a more intense sauna experience at high-end rooms surrounded by infrared heating panels. That doesn’t mean the home personal saunas don’t still provide some level of relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, and improved circulation because how could they not? 


Once again owning a home sauna ultimately comes down to a) performance and b) convenience. Even though industrial saunas provide a more intense experience if you only go to them twice a month but your personal sauna 20 times a month, which one do you think offers the better results?

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