Successful weight loss stories

Weight loss success stories

Some so many people work hard to lose weight, and sometimes in between their journey, they lose the inspiration to do so. There are various reasons why people want to lose weight as some do it to gain back their self-esteem, some for their confidence and numerous different reasons. There are plenty of weight loss success stories that inspire people to lose weight and work hard.

Things can change around easily if you work hard and dedicatedly for them, and these weight loss success stories prove it. Some people have lost a significant amount of weight and become fit. 

Here is a list of few weight loss success stories which will inspire you: 

1.  A 73-year-old woman who lost around 55 pounds: 

Weight loss success stories


Joan MacDonald became a massive sensation after she lost 55 pounds. People think that if you cross the age of 50, it’s difficult to lose weight, but Joan proved it otherwise and showed how easy it is to become fit again if you follow a proper diet and workout routine.

She was overweight, and her health wasn’t so good, so to make sure that she balances her health, she started tracking her meals on her iPhone, which her daughter taught her to use.

It started helping her with keeping track of what she was eating and what she should eat to lose weight. Slowly, she started losing weight and says that it is essential to take care of the meals, have healthy meals, exercise regularly, and take care of the body. 

2.  A man who lost 150 pounds: 

Weight loss success stories

It is one of the most amazing weight loss success stories until now about a boy named Joey. Joey Morganelli had a difficult teenage life because he lost his father in front of his eyes because of a heart attack and then lost his mother because of cancer.

Slowly, he started turning to food for comfort and a way to cope up with all the pain and loss. He weighed around 400 pounds when he graduated from high school. Joey was surrounded by people who cared about him and always tried to take care of him. His microbiology professor sat with him and told him the concern related to health to make sure that he works towards it.

The professor also inspired him to watch a documentary, which will give him some inspiration to lose weight and take care of his health. Slowly, Joey started to replace all the junk food with healthy food and didn’t overeat.

He started consuming home-cooked meals and gradually went on a vegan diet for his weight. It was a huge success for him when he lost 150 pounds because of a strict diet that he kept on following. He also wrote on Instagram that keeps giving yourself a fair fight and works hard, and then you will keep losing the weight. 

3.  A bride who lost 135 pounds: 

Weight loss success stories

It is one of the sweetest weight loss success stories you will come across. Every bride has wishes and dreams for her wedding and the wedding dress that she will wear. Mary Jane O’Toole got engaged with her boyfriend, and she was excited about her wedding.

She was around 281 pounds at that time, and it was very hurting for her not to be able to choose her dream dress. When she and her fiance made some plans for Disneyland and their wedding, they also decided to start tracking their calories and meals with an app on their phone. With hard work, exercise, and proper meals, the bride lost around 135 pounds, and then the couple slowly decided to follow this healthy eating routine in their lives. She was ready to fit in her dream dress and walk down the aisle with all the happiness. 

4.  A mother who lost 80 pounds: 

Weight loss success stories

The job of a mother is challenging as she has to take care of a lot of things that sometimes she forgets to concentrate on herself. Stacey Welton, a 50-year-old mother, always knew that she could never be a gym aficionado because of the duty of her six kids and a full-time job as a teacher.

Slowly, her weight started creating problems for her health, and that’s when she knew that she wanted to lose her weight. She went on an Atkins diet to lose weight, which included fewer carbs, which made her successfully lose 80 pounds in 8 months. She also claims that she is delighted with her change and hard work she did in the process of losing her weight because now she feels content and nice about her body. 

5.  A woman who lost 101 pounds because she was turned down from an amusement park:

Weight loss success stories

It is one of the most inspiring weight loss success stories as the woman did a lot of hard work to gain her respect, self-esteem, and a fit body. When Sophie Trewick was in college, she used to weigh around 331, and during that time, she went to an amusement park where she wasn’t allowed to take the rides.

That day she felt very bad because of the way she was not allowed to take the rides and of what her friends said to her. She went home that day and decided to cut the junk food and only eat healthy food. She started exercising three times every week and lost almost around 101 pounds. 

There are many weight loss success stories, and people give in a lot to lose weight and gain back their self-esteem. They give a lot of inspiration to the people who aren’t able to lose weight.

The success stories give other people a lot of hope to lose weight and workout. These people worked hard and set great examples for the people who want to lose weight. It is courageous of them to cut off unhealthy food and only focus on consuming healthy food

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