The Advantages Of Acupressure That You Should Know About

benefits of acupressure

Acupressure is a treatment in which pressure is applied to specific points on the patient’s body to relieve them. Like acupuncture, acupressure does not use needles, but the points of pressure application are similar. The pressure application is manual, and the therapists are trained to handle the treatment procedure to be followed.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine that says that the body has energy flowing lines invisible to the eyes. These lines are called meridians. It is believed that the meridians are connected in a specific manner due to which applying pressure to one point relieves the other point. Here the benefits of acupressure are going to be discussed:

1. Relieves stress, tension, and anxiety

benefits of acupressure

Todays’ fast running life gives a lot of stress, tension, and anxiety. You do not have time for your own self. The work pressure is eventually deteriorating your health condition. The fear and anxiety are further interrupting your daily work as well. Acupressure can undoubtedly bring peace to your mind and keep you calm.

2. Muscle and joint relaxation

benefits of acupressure

Loads of work and responsibilities always encage you and put you to pressure. This mental and physical pressure has biological effects on your body. As a result of the working of the muscles and joints, lactic acid is formed in the body. Thus, muscle fatigue occurs. Acupressure relaxes the muscles and joints to relieve the patient.

3. Useful in insomnia

benefits of acupressure
With passing time, people are developing too many lifestyle diseases, and insomnia is one of them. Insomnia is the sleep disorder when you could not sleep soundly for nights and keep awake. Certain points of your body could be pressurized to induce sleep. Through acupressure, the specific points are relaxed to calm the nerves that induce sleep in you.

4. Controlling headaches and chronic pain


As told earlier, the general health of people is getting affected a lot due to a sedentary lifestyle. It is quite reasonable to suffer from headaches, or you may develop some chronic pain as well. This therapy helps cure chronic pains, including headaches.

5. Gastric issues


The food that you consume is deficient in many nutrients; rather, they are adulterated. So the portion we eat absorbs impurities along with the nutrients. Contaminated food materials cause a lot of indigestion issues. The application of acupressure on certain specific points reduces digestive problems.

6. Sudden injury recovery

This therapy is also helpful in sports injuries. Suppose you are injured while playing, acupressure will be able to relieve you instantly to a certain extent.

Acupressure can be tried in some severe diseases or symptoms like cancer-related fatigue, menstrual cramp, motion sickness, pregnancy-related symptoms. The acupressure acts on the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems just by pressurizing certain power points in your body. It also works wonders on strengthening your immune system. Therefore these are benefits of acupressure as you have seen.

Is acupressure safe?

Acupressure is entirely safe. It only works on the principle of applying pressure on the vital points in your body. It is noted that there are no side effects of this therapy. But of course, you should be careful before you proceed to take the session.

Certain tools used in acupressure are magnets shaped into bolts and stars, acupressure mats, hand roller, foot roller, thumb pads, acupressure balls, wrist band, and bracelets with special buttons on them.

When to ask the doctor?

There are some situations when you should ask your doctor before choosing acupuncture. Here’s a quick glimpse:

  1. Always ask the doctor if you can take the session if you are pregnant or lactating
  2. Ask the doctor if you have a wound or bruise on your body
  3. If you have any severe disease, ask for the doctor’s permission
  4. If you are being operated, ask permission from your surgeon
  5. If you are taking some medicines, consult your doctor before you start an acupressure session

The finishing notes

Acupressure therapy is good alternative therapy. It is a blend of nature and science which provides long term relief from certain disorders. But it is always safe to consult a registered medical practitioner before using any therapy to prevent unwanted mishaps. So, go ahead and experience the soothing acupressure session.

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