Tips to get rid of man boobs

get rid of man boobs

It is prevalent in women to have developed breast tissues and milk ducts. But in men, do you find that? Though men have rudimentary breast tissues, structure, and milk ducts, due to the dominating effect of testosterone hormone present in men, the breasts do not grow. 

On the other end, some exceptions shall always be there. One such disorder is Gynecomastia. This disorder causes the complete development of his breast in men. It happens due to the recessive nature of the chief male hormone called testosterone. Therefore the female hormone estrogen becomes excess and exhibits its characteristic that is the development of breasts in men. This needs a solution. So, men need to get rid of man boobs to regain their lost confidence.

get rid of man boobs

Interestingly in most men, the breasts do not develop. Instead, fat accumulates in the breast area, causing the bulge. It can be easily reduced through different exercises and diet control. You need to exercise regularly and take up those workouts that target your chest area. You can do cardio exercises so that the fat starts to burn. Here are some tips to get rid of man boobs are as follows:

How can exercise help reduce man boobs? 

Exercises are responsible for 30% of weight loss. Since this is the case of a single part of the body that is the chest, you have to focus on a specific region. But before you start with any exercise, you must warm up yourself. The warm-up exercise will save you from muscle cramps. 

Coming to the exercises now, you see that there are several exercises specifically for the chest fat reduction of male. But most of these workouts are weight training workouts.

1. Pec-deck machine

get rid of man boobs

This particular exercise is meant for the chest itself. After adjusting the weights, you have to pull the handles towards each other. During this, you need to exhale and contract your chest. Then return to your initial position while inhaling.

2. Barbell bench press

get rid of man boobs

You have to set the barbell on the rack and lie down in the middle area of the bar. Then lift the bar and position it just straight over the body. Your breathing has to be controlled. As you bring down the bar mid-chest, breath in, and as you return to the initial position, breathe out. When you bring down the bar, it should be prolonged, much slower than the pace at which you lifted the bar.

3. Bend forward cable crossovers

how to get rid of gynecomastia

First, select the desired weight and then start grabbing the handles with your palms downwards in a standing position while leaning over keeping the back flat. Then you push the arms down and crossover. At this time, you have to exhale and again while returning to the original position you need to inhale.

4. Diet modification

get rid of man boobs

Diet is responsible for seventy percent of weight loss. So, the focus has to be given to the diet. You have to consume low-calorie food so that the calorie intake and calorie burnt out should balance each other. The more calorie you consume, the more chances are there for you to accumulate more fat in the pectoral region. Thus, the boob will become prominent.

How do you have to eat when losing weight?

First and foremost, you have to divide the meal into six parts. Each part will have small portions, and the meals should not contain sugary items. The dessert should be some fruit or fruit juice. Dietary fiber is needed as a roughage and is hugely required in our diet for the normal functioning of the digestive system. Plenty of water is needed to be taken along with other fluids. Choose a healthy option for your snacks.

Consult a physician

how to get rid of gynecomastia

Just in case you find the issue to be severe, consulting a physician will surely help. Make sure you do that when the natural therapies and treatment procedures don’t help. 

The ending lines

You might have developed male boobs, but it is possible to cure this disease. So, all you need to do is consult a doctor and run your life accordingly. Of course, there will be ups and downs, the society will speak, but you have to be on your own and cure yourself and keep the people happy around you.

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