Women’s abs workout

abs workout

It takes up a lot of hard work for women to get the perfect abs because they have a wider pelvis and more extended waist. There are a lot of exercises which women should do to get the ideal abs. Here is a list of abs workout exercises for the women:

1 Side Planks

abs workout

The side planks help in toning the stomach and forming the abs. You have to lie on your side in this exercise with the elbow precisely parallel to your shoulder, and the feet are touching the ground together. Then you need to slowly raise your hips from the ground and make a diagonal line with your body. Do this exercise for 50 seconds and then change sides. It will help in toning up your stomach and giving you the perfect abs.

2 The boat pose


The boat pose is the best abs workout to get abs faster. In this exercise, you have to sit down with your knees bent and the feet touching the floor. Then you have to lean a little back and not lie on the floor, then raise your feet slowly. After this step, you have to raise your arms in the front and make a V shape with your body. You can hold this position for 30 to 40 seconds.

3 The prank crawl out exercise


In this exercise, you have to stand straight first and then slowly bend at your hips and touch the floor with your hands. When your hand reaches the floor, then slowly walk your hand forward and keep bending. After a point, you’ll lie on the floor and then raise your hip a little and put all the body strength on your hands. Stay in the same position for 50-60 seconds.

4 The squat thrust and twist exercise

abs workout

It is one of the best abs workouts for women. You have to stand with your feet apart from each other and then keep your hand away from your body at shoulder height. Start squatting and keep your knee bent at 90 degrees while squatting. Once you are in a squatting position, then hold your hands and start twisting to your left, then come back to the front view and then to your right. So you have to squat and twist on both sides.

5 The single-leg stretch exercise

abs workout

It is the most simple abs workout exercise for women, and it’s very efficient also. It will help in burning the extra fats away from the stomach and tone up the abs. You have to lie down on the mat and then bend your legs a little then lift up your head and shoulder a little with your chin a bit tilted towards your chest. Place your hands on the knees and then lift your leg to 45 degrees of the floor. Keep doing this with both the legs one by one and the legs should touch or hug the chest.

You can workout on these exercises every day to get the perfect and toned up abs.

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